Utah DT On Bruins' Offer List

Salt Lake City (Utah) Highland defensive tackle Ricky Heimuli has an offer from UCLA as well as serious interest in the school and could be in Westwood to visit unofficially next month...

Salt Lake City (Utah) Highland defensive tackle Ricky Heimuli (6-4, 280) was anxiously looking forward to the recruiting process as a junior.

But even he's been overwhelmed with the results of the past few weeks.

"I was expecting it to come slowly, mainly letters and maybe an offer or two, but I wasn't expecting it to come like this. It's been pretty hectic," said Heimuli.

A hectic time, though, that Heimuli has been thrilled with.

"Yeah, it's pretty exciting," said Heimuli. "It's just happened so fast."

It started out with offers from the two in-state powerhouses, and has picked up with six more offers in the past few weeks.

"Utah and BYU were my first two offers, then I got one from Stanford and Washington," said Heimuli. "Then UCLA and Colorado and Oregon State offered me."

Nebraska joined the mix on Tuesday, giving him his eighth offer.

"I don't know right now if I could say I have a leader," said Heimuli. "Right now, I'm just trying to focus on my schoolwork. I won't be making my decision for a while. I want to wait until my senior season comes and ends. Everyone is pressuring me but I want to wait."

Heimuli said he could play either end or tackle, and he's open to play either spot in college.

"Right now, I think just about anywhere on the defensive line, I can play," said Heimuli. "I want to get up to 300 but keep my quickness. And I want to stay inside."

Heimuli has also been hearing a good deal from Cal, Michigan State and Washington State and said he was hoping to hear more from Florida and USC. In the meantime, he's visited the two local schools and plans to make some more unofficial in the next few months.

"I've been to Utah and BYU for their Junior Day and I was hoping to go to Washington and UCLA and everyone who's offered for theirs but it didn't work. I'm pretty sure I'm going to a lot of camps though. I'm going to the Nike Camp in April in Los Angeles and hopefully I can visit USC and UCLA."

Heimuli's cousin, Latu, was the top-ranked defensive tackle in the West in the class of 2009, and he signed with Utah last month.

"He's giving me a lot of pressure to go there, he's really close to me. But he told me its my decision and make the best one for me," said Heimuli.

Heimuli said his plans for an LDS mission aren't concrete, but his plan for now is to play as a freshman in 2010 then go for two years, returning in 2013.

Academically, he has a 3.2 GPA and will take the SAT on April 4th.

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