UCLA Back on the List of Elite DT Prospect

One of the best players on the west coast this year and the #9 defensive tackle prospect in the country, <b>Sedrick Ellis</b>, said he had dropped UCLA a couple of weeks ago. But UCLA is now back on the list and getting an official visit...

Sedrick Ellis, 6-2, 260, Chino (Calif.) High, will definitely trip to UCLA – and it will be his last official visit.


"I've been to LSU and Oklahoma so far," Ellis said. "I'm taking a trip to USC on January 10th, and I haven't scheduled UCLA yet, but I'm going to take a trip there. I'm not sure of the date yet. And that will be my last visit."


Ellis said that these are the only schools he's considering. "Yeah, it's just those. I'll finish my trips and then I'll decide soon after that. I probably won't wait until signing day."


Ellis has shown that he's one of the best on the California roster for the CaliFlorida game this Saturday. Many observers – and many of the players on the team actually – think he is the best. Today at the CaliFlorida practice he was dominating in the line drills against the offensive linemen, literally unblockable. In the scrimmage, he was double-teamed but still penetrated into the backfield on almost every play.   He would be a huge get for the new Karl Dorrell era at UCLA, not only because of  Ellis's obvious talent, but because defensive line is the prime area of need in recruiting. 


It's a pretty significant development – that UCLA would even have a chance with Ellis – since a few weeks ago he had dropped UCLA, when he knew the program was going through coaching  problems. "I've always liked UCLA, but when I heard about the whole coaching thing it kind of disturbed me. But the new coach seems like he's a going to be a good coach, and he'll do allright there, so I'm going to give him a chance."


Has he spoken with Karl Dorrell yet?  "It's the first thing I'm going to do when I get back from this game. I'm supposed to talk to him as soon as I get back home."


When asked if it was significant that the defensive line coach, Don Johnson, was retained on the UCLA staff, Ellis said, "That would be my position coach, and I had relationship with him, so that's good."


So, for Ellis, UCLA was out of it, but now has climbed back in and has a chance. "They definitely have a chance. I wouldn't say I have a leader at all right now, though. And I'd say UCLA has an allright chance.  They are going to be a re-building team and all. But  I'm definitely going to give them a chance. And I'll make my decision from there. I just want to finish taking all my trips and figure out where I fit in."

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