Prince Makes the Mission Decision

Kevin Prince, who will be a redshirt freshman next fall and compete for the starting quarterback position, had a decision to make over whether he was going on his LDS Mission now or later...

Robert Kuwada is a veteran Los Angeles area sports writer, having written prominently for the Long Beach Press Telegram and Orange County Register over the course of two decades. He was the UCLA beat writer for the Register for five seasons.
When Kevin Prince arrived at UCLA, taking a two-year church mission was an option.

But after a year in the program, and now having an opportunity to win the starting job at quarterback as a redshirt freshman next fall, Prince has decided to not take his LDS mission until his college career is over.

It comes as a welcome relief to Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow.

"Coach (Norm) Chow has asked me that because he obviously wants to have a plan," Prince said. "If I were to go on a mission, he wants to be able to bring in more quarterbacks. But I've told him for right now I want to play football."

Prince put a great deal of thought into it. He said, "I've had this discussion with my parents and they kind of feel the same way. They obviously support whatever I want to do, but I feel like you're given a certain amount of opportunities and you're given a set of talents and I feel like I want to take advantage of the opportunities that I'm given right now."

But that doesn't mean he won't ever take his mission, he just doesn't necessarily seen the reason to take it soon.

"A mission is always going to be there for me, even much later in life," Prince said. "When you're 40 or 50 and married, you can still go on a mission. I can't tell you how everything is going to work out for me, I can't tell you if I'm going to play next year or if I'm going to get hurt or who knows what's going to happen. For now, I'm just focused on playing football and living my life in a way where I can go on a mission later."

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