Five-Star QB Looking Around

The #3-ranked quarterback in the nation, Paul Jones from McKees Rocks (Penn.) Sto-Rox, is verbally committed to Penn State, but Thursday the elite prospect made it public he was shopping around, and what other schools he was considering...

McKees Rocks (Pa.) Sto-Rox five-star quarterback Paul Jones has been committed to Penn State since January. On Thursday, the nation's No. 3 rated quarterback made it public that he still loved Penn State, but he wanted to look around. Jones admits that he started having thoughts about it in February, but waited until now to make it known.

"Back in February, I was hanging out with Todd Thomas and he kept telling me to come to Pitt with him and he asked me what is there to do at Penn State," Jones said. "It really got me thinking, what is there to do? Then me and my dad went up to Ohio State after that and I saw how nice it was and it got me thinking again." Obviously it would take more than some scenery to change a prospects mind, so of course we asked Jones if there was anything specific that led to his change of heart?

"I don't think there were any specific reasons as to why," Jones stated. "My mom asked me today for a reason and I couldn't even give her one. I just think I rushed into it. I think I have matured a lot and I know what I'm looking for now.

"I just want to make sure that PSU is where I want to call home and I don't want to be miserable for the next four or five years," Jones continued. "My mom and dad love Penn State and that is all I have ever known, so I want to be sure for myself. Penn State is still my favorite, but I just need to be sure and not have any doubts. I'd rather look around now and be sure then sign my papers and then have doubts."

Penn State is still the favorite, but Jones has already begun making plans to visit a few schools in the not-so-distant future.

"I'm going down to Pittsburgh on Friday with my teammate Andrew Carswell to watch practice," Jones said. "Next Wednesday, I'm going down to West Virginia to watch practice. Coach (Jason) Ruscitto is going to start making some calls and setting some things up. I like a few other schools like Oregon, UCLA, USC, Boston College, Virginia, and Virginia Tech. As a quarterback, you'd have to be crazy not to look at USC. There are a lot of schools out there to see.

Jones informed the staff at Penn State that he was going to look around and their response was pretty similar to that of the news that Jones had dropped on them.

"They said I needed to do what makes me happy," Jones explained. "They told me as I look around they will have to look around as well."

Jones has no time frame set for a final decision, but he admitted that this summer will be very big for him and his future.

"This summer will be real big for me," Jones said. "As of right now I am still committed to Penn State, but I just want to make sure that I don't miss out on any other opportunities."

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