Jrue Holiday To Test NBA Waters

UCLA freshman guard Jrue Holiday announced on Thursday that he will test the waters and declare for the NBA draft, but not hire an agent, giving him the option to return to Westwood...

Opening statement:

‘'I'd like to declare that I am going into the draft without retaining an agent. I'm still keeping my options open – I'm staying in school, I'm still going to be passing all of my classes. Really, I'm just keeping all of my options open and see what's going to happen.''

  What kind of information were you able to gather in the past few weeks?
  ‘'To be honest, I really don't get any information. All the information goes to my parents, to my dad. They really have been doing their homework. They both played collegiate ba sketball and I'm really just trusting them and what they're telling me that everything is going to go well.''

  Was it a hard decision to make?
  ‘'Most definitely, because I love my teammates and I love it here. Again, it's not for sure that I'm going to go to the NBA – I'm not getting an agent, I'm not signing with one. I just really want to see what's going to happen when I go into the draft, or go to all these camps and play for these teams.''

  When did you make up your mind?
  ‘'It was yesterday when I really felt comfortable making the decision to put20my name in. My body is feeling a lot better with the rest, the two weeks off. My body really feels great right now, so yesterday.''

  Was there a deciding factor?
  ‘'No, and again, it's not like I'm going to the NBA. I haven't signed with an agent. It's just testing the waters, to see what it's going to be like at these camps, at these workouts, if I can handle the drills, which I'm positive that I can, and I feel really comfortable going in.''

Opening statement:

  ‘'I just want to say that we, as a university, and as his head coach here at UCLA, are 100 percent behind Jrue. He had a great freshman year for us and, obviously, when he has the ball more in his hands it's even going to be better for him. I think that he's clearly a first-round draft pick in the NBA this year and so he's got a win-win situation. We're excited for him, excited for his family, and proud of him.''

  What kind of feedback did you get from the general managers?
  ‘'That he was definitely a first round pick. It was wide – some would say 10 to 15, others would say 15 to 25. But a lot of that, you're seeing who else is going in the draft, and so that changes on a regular basis. Jrue and his family elected to sign a sheet where they will get feedback from the NBA – they have a committee run by Stu Jackson that constantly is changing week to week based on who's in. But the main thing is Jrue is going to work out for a number of teams and=2 0will get feedback to his family as to what they think. It's a win-win. He will always have the option of coming back here to open arms, but if he elects to stay in he's going to be an NBA player, there's no question about it.''

  If Jrue goes to the NBA, will you have enough guards?
  ‘'We'll give Mustafa Abdul-Hamid an opportunity, but that's the reality. We have Malcolm Lee, Michael Roll, Jerime Anderson, who all play the 1 and 2. I mean, Malcolm Lee would end up potentially playing the point guard for us some, along with Mustafa. That's stating that we don't come up with someone between now and then.''

  Can Dragovic play three?
  ‘'Tyler (Honeycutt) can play wing. So can Moser.''

  So you have enough to cover yourself?
  ‘'I hope so.''

  Will you do anything with that scholarship?
  ‘'We'll look to see who is going to be available at that time. I mean, I'm not going to at this time plan to sign anybody and not leave the option open for Jrue. I want to be supportive of him. That's the difficult part. We're not going to just sign somebody up and then that closes the door, not have enough scholarships.''  

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