Neuheisel, Prince on Thursday

Head Coacn Rick Neuheisel and quarterback Kevin Prince talked after practice Thursday, with Prince having returned after sitting out Tuesday, but there are still more injured sitting out...

With more installation in, the Bruins' offense did a lot of two-minute drill early and also at the end of practice. Quarterback Kevin Prince, who sat out the latter periods of practice on Tuesday with a sore shoulder, was back with the first offense though as a precaution the number of reps he took was trimmed a tad. He led the first offense down the field in the first two-minute session, which ended with a field goal attempt by Kai Forbath.

Prince received treatment on his shoulder on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before practice, but said that he was fine. ‘'It's good,'' he said. ‘'It feels really good. I felt good as new out here. We just wanted to play it safe and not make it worse than it was.''

The redshirt freshman also is pleased with the progress of the offense in camp to this point.

‘'I think it's going well. We're coming along,'' he said. ‘'We installed some more stuff today, and that's something we're going to have to work on and get better at, but we're getting better.''

The installation, he said, hasn't been too daunting.

‘'For me, so far, it hasn't been too overwhelming because it's basically the same stuff we had last year. It's just knowing the defenses to check against, the looks, the reads and progressions for the pass plays and all that. There's some new stuff he's throwing in there and I'm trying to learn on the fly with it, but I mean, I can't imagine how Richard (Brehaut) is doing it.

‘'Richard is doing a great job. He's handling everything well, for him being here only a week and a half now, whatever it is. He's doing a great job with it.'

Here is Coach Rick Neuheisel after practice:

Opening statement:
‘'I was pleased today. We took the pads off the legs so that we can stay fresh for a great scrimmage on Saturday, but we really asked for up-tempo and except for one little waning moment in the special teams portion of practice I thought we got great tempo. So, that's pleasing, that we can learn how to practice with shells and still get a lot done. So, we'll hopefully get a great scrimmage on Saturday, I'm looking forward to it.

‘'I'm not sure if any of our injured guys will be back for that. My guess would be no. I don't know that we would try anybody, but hopefully we'll get some guys back early next week .

‘'I like what I'm seeing, and hopefully we'll be a little bit better after Saturday.''

What have you seen from Aaron Hester?
‘'I like Aaron. He's a gifted guy and he's just got to learn to give up that grabbing when he thinks he's in trouble. He's got to trust his legs to get him out of trouble.''

What did you see in the special teams today, and how did (Jeff) Locke kick the ball?
‘'I like what I'm seeing out of Jeff. At the end of the day it's all going to be about consistency, but he certainly is showing that he's capable of big things as a punter. Still has a ways to go as a holder. He's got to keep working that portion of the game because I think (Kai) Forbath is doing outstanding and when the ball is set down where it's supposed to set down we're going to make it. But I'm ecstatic about what Jeff Locke can bring to us, especially in the way of hang time.''

Was that kick with Forbath at the end (of two-minute offense) a holding issue?
‘'It was a holding issue, yeah. The laces came up away and he was trying to spin it away and the ball kind of fell.''

With Locke, is he being consistent right now or not really?
‘'For where he is in his career, I think he's doing pretty darn well. He's got a great leg. As good as Aaron (Perez) was, Aaron's hang time wasn't consistent. Jeff has a chance to really give us some quality hang time.''

I guess (Kevin) Prince was OK?
‘'Yeah, which is good news. He came out and we're going to kind of monitor it just so we don't let it become a chronic thing and maybe keep a pitch count on him throughout spring ball, which is why his reps were down a little bit today, but it also gives the other guys chances.''

Did they ever figure out wh at it was? Did he have any tests or anything?
‘'Just sore.''

So you don't have a quarterback decision?
‘'No, no … especially before we scrimmage. We've got to get out there …''

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