Prince After Saturday Practice

UCLA had their first extended scrimmage of the spring, and freshman quarterback Kevin Prince commented on the offense's performance on Saturday...

In its first extended scrimmage of the spring the UCLA Bruins' offense … well, it was not good.

They scuffled along through the 80 or so play scrimmage – Coach Rick Neuheisel surmised a right foot injury to tight end Logan Paulsen might have had an impact. But quarterback Kevin Prince took the blame for what he said was a troubling lack of enthusiasm.

‘'It wasn't good. It wasn't a good day,'' Prince said. ‘'I didn't feel like the offense was clicking. I didn't feel like we were very enthusiastic out there and that's mostly my fault. That's part of a quarterback's job, to get the offense going. It just wasn't a good day, for me or for anybody.''

The redshirt freshman quarterback completed 8 for his 14 passes for 91 yards but also lost some passes out of his hand, badly under-throwing a couple and having another float well high of his target. He said the shoulder soreness that kept him out of the latter periods of practice on Tuesday was not an issue, though. ‘'No, not at all,'' he said. 

Here is a brief Q&A with Prince …

Did you feel like you have enough time, with all the pressure?
‘'There were a few plays that I feel like I didn't have time. But there were a few plays where it might have looked to the spectator that there wasn't enough time and it was really my fault for not getting the ball out fast enough. There were a few times where they brought some blitzes that I should have recognized and I didn't, so I've got to get better out there.''

You look at that as a learning experience?
‘'I suppose it's a learning experience. You hope that you get those learning experiences done in practice and come out here and get clicking and that's not what happened today.''

You've said one of your goals is to have control of the offense. Did you have that?
‘'I mean, I felt like I controlled the offense. I just didn't feel like the offense was very motivated. That's something I have to work on, to get the team going, make some plays and get the offense ready to go.''

How do you get the whole offense motivated?
‘'You've got to make plays. I mean, it's something that we just didn't do today. At least I didn't. I didn't make any big plays. Most of our completions were off quick game, three-step drop stuff. We had a few completions off drop-back passes and some play actions, but for the most part it was quick game. I just didn't feel like I executed well today.''

You mentioned a lack of motivation?
‘'What I mean by lack of motivation is, that's on me to get the offense motivated and the result of that is enthusiasm, and I didn't feel like we had enthusiasm. The first drive, we were kind of getting pounded by the defense and we never really20got back on track.''

How do you generate that?
‘'Like I said, you have to make plays. It's pure and simple.''

Is that kind of a chicken and egg thing?
‘'I guess. You just have to go out there and execute and I didn't execute out there today.''

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