Paulsen on the Injured Foot

The redshirt senior tight end, Logan Paulsen, finds himself watching from the sidelines again, after injuring the same right foot that sidelined him all of last season. He talked to us about the current state of the injury...

Three days after Logan Paulsen went down in a scrimmage with an injury to his right foot, the UCLA tight end still does not know if there is a fracture in there.

"Well, right now we've got two sets of X-rays, one I took last Monday and one I took after Saturday's scrimmage. Basically, they were taken on two different X-ray machines so the quality is different on both of the X-rays and it's inconclusive. So I had a CT scan and they had a problem sending the images over here so I don't really know anything more than you guys do,'' he said.

"But I know from the X-ray the screw looks good and that's really important because that's one of the things that Ben (Olson) had a problem with when he broke his foot, so the screw looks good and it's not really swollen too bad so that's also a very positive thing. It's definitely not the same thing as before."

  That, at least, is good news.

  Oh, and there will be no surgery - also a big plus. Here is more from Paulsen...

  Is it the same spot?

"On the X-rays the heel bone is a little bit lighter but there's still like a dark spot where the fracture was on the old X-ray and so on the new X-ray, which is a better quality, that spot is a little darker. But the quality of the X-ray is actually better so everything is a little more distorted so you can't really tell anything from it."

  If only you went to a school that had a good medical facility...

"I know. I think that's the problem. We have too many resources to use here.":

  Are you in a better mood about this than you were on Saturday?

"I'm obviously going to be stressed because I'm not practicing and I want to be practicing."   We're talking long term...

"Long term I'm not stressed about it. It's feeling better today than it was yesterday and that's good. Long term I'm not worried about it."

  Do you really need the crutches right now?

"It's more of a precautionary thing. Right now they're treating it like it is broken and they're just waiting. Better safe than sorry type of thing, you know?"

  If it is broken, did they give you an idea how long you'd be out?

  "Well, there's no surgery involved because the screw is fine so it just would be like the second half of what I did the first time. Instead of eight to 10 weeks, it'd probably be something like four to six, if it was actually broken, depending on how it heals, because it's in a spot in the foot where there's not a lot of blood flow and as a result it kind of varies on how you heal, person to person."

  Are you disappointed now that Nate Chandler is the biggest tight end on this team?

"I guess so. He's huge. He's really big. Actually, I'm going to try to lose a little weight. They think it will help me out with my foot and stuff like that."

  Are you going to try to get a wider shoe?

"I don't know, I think I have the widest shoe they have here and then I have orthotics and stuff so it's just one of those things that happens, kind of a freak thing."

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