Palcic on the O-Line Changes

Offensive line coach Bob Palcic talked about the recent changes on the offensive line, the move of Nate Chandler back to tight end, and a long-time back-up offensive lineman who he's nicknamed the "rollercoaster"...

Offensive line coach Bob Palcic answered some questions about recent changes to his offensive line.

You have Jeff Baca back at tackle...

  "Yeah, with Nate Chandler's situation, Sean Sheller played right tackle last spring and Baca played it all last fall so it was a relatively easy transition there. And what happens with Nate will depend of Logan Paulsen's health. I mean, if Logan is unable to play we'll keep Nate at tight end and if Logan comes back there's a possibility that Nate will come back to the offensive line. So we'll take it day by day and week by week and see where we are."

  With Sonny Tevaga with the first team, you were seeing some things you liked from him there?

"You know, Sonny, I've started calling him R.C., for 'roller coaster.' I mean, he does a good job for a while and then he does something that upsets me. He's up and down. Right now, he's up and, you know, he's lost about 30 or 40 pounds and he's moving around better and he's playing decently. He's playing decently."

  Do you see Baca staying at tackle? Because you've got a couple of tackles coming in who are supposed to be pretty good players...

"I think those players that we have coming in are excellent players. But let's all remember and be realistic that they're still going to be 17-year-old freshmen."

  Are you a better offensive line without Chandler there? How does that impact you situation there?

"I don't think Nate moving to tight end is going to have a significant impact on the line. Sean Sheller played there last spring, Baca played left tackle all fall. We have some pretty good young kids coming in, some tackles in this group of freshmen coming in who I think are very good players and, if nothing else, I think they'll provide depth. But I think they're of the quality that they'll be pushing for a starting position also."

  So could you see Baca sliding back inside in August?

"Only if those young tackles come in and can prove that they can play right away."

  Can it be done where Baca can make that transition and be your guy in August?


  How about Tevaga? "I told them, his name is R.C. Tevaga...roller coaster. He's up and down. He'll play pretty good and then he'll break my heart. You know, his weight has been up but now his weight is way down. He seems happy and enjoying practice and I think he's playing pretty well right now."

  Where are we on the roller coaster right now?

"We're on top of the hill right now, right on top of the roller coaster."   So you're right at that point on the roller coaster where you raise your arms and start screaming?

"That's exactly right. R.C. Tevaga I call him..."

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