Prince Gears Up for Today's Scrimmage

Kevin Prince talked Thursday after practice about today's 80-play scrimmage, what he and the offense hope to get out of it, continuing with the installation of the offense, and the fact that he's still getting the first-string reps...

The UCLA Bruins' offense gets another chance to make an impression on Friday, when they will run through a scrimmage of 80 or so plays at Spaulding Field.

Kevin Prince is confident it will go better than the first extended scrimmage last Saturday, when the first and second offenses struggled to move the football and played with what the redshirt freshman quarterback termed a lack of enthusiasm and motivation.

The Bruins' first offense didn't score a touchdown that day, the only touchdown coming on a 5-yard run by Johnathan Franklin with the second-team offense and against the second-team defense.

"That's something the next day you just forget about it and move on, try to get better and go onto the next day,'' Prince said. "In terms of Friday, the way we can improve that is to not let it get there. You know, you can kind of tell when the team is getting lackadaisical and you can stop it if you see it early enough. You can stop it. If we ever start getting slow we'll pick up the tempo. There are various things you can do, but I'll be more alert to that.

"For sure, I'll want to monitor that. And, like I said after the Saturday scrimmage, you have to make plays, too. Hopefully, we'll make bigger plays to get our enthusiasm up."

For the record, he is not going to sharpen the toe of his cleats to a fine point in case one of his teammates can use a swift kick to get going.

"We don't have to do that, we just have to execute and do what we do," he said.

So, you've been happy with the tempo and everything since the scrimmage?

"I think with this coaching staff, that's something they've brought to the table, that kind of work ethic and brining it every play. Especially on days like today (Thursday), where we're wearing just helmets and shorts and no pads or anything, they always want us to still go 100 percent and still bring that enthusiasm. As a player when you see just helmets, you tend to think it's an easy day. But it's the same amount of work. We're doing the same things and we have to continue to grind through it. Hopefully, tomorrow, it won't be a problem. But I think that's something that we've been working on this off-season and something that sort of was a problem in the past and we know we have to get better at."

OK, with that settled, how are things going since that scrimmage?

"I feel like the offense is progressing nicely. We're still installing stuff. The things that we've been installing are a little newer to us, new concepts, so we're trying to iron those out. But the things that we've been practicing already for the past two weeks, I feel like we're getting really good at it and we're all getting in the flow of what we're supposed to be doing."

You're obviously taking the No. 1 reps. Does it matter than nothing has been said in that regard?

"From day one, I've been getting the first-string snaps. It's something I've gotten used to over the last couple of weeks. I'm not bothered by it or anything. I'm not distracted by it. I just come out here and do my own thing, play the kind of football I know how to play. I'm not looking around and watching other guys, seeing what they're doing, I'm just doing what I can do to the best of my ability."

And the installations never end...

"Still, there's even more stuff. Coach Chow thinks we can handle it and so we're trying to prove him right. He loads us up and expects us to know it. That's what we have to do.

"Usually when we put in a lot of stuff we'll come out here and do a little walk-through and stuff so we kind of get a picture of how it looks instead of just looking at a chalkboard. You introduce it, practice it in the afternoon, watch the film and then review it at night and it's pretty much in your storage. It's good stuff."

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