Okwo Pretty Set on the Tree

<b>Michael Okwo</b>, the linebacker prospect from Mira Costa who looked very good in the CaliFlorida game Saturday, talked about how he's leaning to Stanford, and UCLA's chances...

Michael Okwo, 6-1, 210, Manhattan Beach (Calif.) Mira Costa, had a very good showing in the CaliFlorida game on Saturday.


Okwo, considered one of the best linebacker prospects on the west coast, said that Stanford is his clear leader right now, and it sounded like something significant would have to happen for Okwo not to commit to the Cardinal.


"I'm visiting Stanford January 10th," Okwo said.  "I've already been to Oregon and that was cool. I liked it. I'm not really sure if I'll take any other visits. I'll see how my Stanford trip goes."


UCLA had been a favorite with Okwo for a while, so when asked if UCLA was still involved, Okwo said, "Not really, I guess."  Okwo said he hadn't heard from the new coaching staff at UCLA yet, but he had also been gone from his house for a week of CaliFlorida practice and the game. "I haven't heard from them, not yet. They haven't called. At least, not that I know of."


Would renewed interest by UCLA make a difference at this point? "I don't think so. I mean, I haven't crossed UCLA off my list. But I'm pretty high on Stanford right now. If the whole Stanford thing doesn't work out then UCLA would be pretty high on my list."

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