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Here are some bits of news heard here and there from various sources -- concerning the new coaching staff, the new recruiting effort, and a couple of different high-profile recruits that UCLA might get involved with...

There were reports that Brian Cabral, Colorado's linebacker coach, was the first choice of Karl Dorrell for defensive coordinator, but that athletic director Dan Guerrero nixed the deal because Cabral didn't have coordinator experience.


A couple of sources now contradict that explanation.  According to these sources, Cabral, in fact, ultimately didn't want to leave Colorado, being a longtime Colorado resident, and uproot his family and children.


Jon Embree looks to be taking the lead in recruiting for the new staff, sources indicate. The new coaching staff has been in meetings for the last couple of days, and the primary topic has been recruiting. Reports are that Embree, who earned a very good reputation as an aggressive recruiter when he was an assistant coach at Colorado, has been at the helm of these meetings and has the ear and trust of head coach Karl Dorrell.  Gary Bernardi, the assistant coach who was retained, was the recruiting coordinator under Bob Toledo, and he has assisted in the transition in recruiting for the new staff.


While it's still undetermined which coach will get the title of "Recruiting Coordinator," the role and the role of football operations personnel looks to be changing.


It's been pretty common for the football operations person in football programs around the country to have a pretty heavy hand in recruiting.

Now, though, reportedly the NCAA is trying to crack down. The NCAA had rules in place that restrict football operations personnel from being too involved in recruiting and apparently it is going to try to enforce them.

This probably means that the coach who actually holds the title of recruiting coordinator might very work in that capacity.


Little recruiting tidbits:


A source said there is a possibility that UCLA will indeed be able to recruit Junior Lemau'u, DE, 6-5, 245, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly, who looked dominant in the recent CaliFlorida game.  Lemau'u is maintaining that he'll commit to UCLA, and the most recent word is that he intends to do it on an official visit to UCLA on January 24th. It was thought previously that UCLA might not be able to recruit Lemau'u because of academics, but Lemau'u has improved academically.  It's not certain, but the source indicated there is now a door slightly open to the possibility.


Maurice Drew, RB, 5-9, 185, Concord (Calif.) De La Salle, was considered one of the best – if not the best – prospect on the California team for CaliFlorida.  Drew had previously not been too interested in UCLA, and UCLA hadn't recruited him very heavily. The former UCLA coaching staff had a bit of a poor history with De La Salle. But now, with the Karl Dorrell staff, that history is wiped clean.  Drew had expressed in recent reports that he'd be open to UCLA recruiting him, and Karl Dorrell has, in fact, spoken with Drew recently. We'll try to contact Drew to get his most recent opinion.


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