What Does Davis Think Now?

Defensive end/linebacker prospect <b>Bruce Davis</b>, the 32nd ranked defensive end in the country, has had a roller coast recruiting experience, including some pretty amazing recent news...

Bruce Davis, 6-3, 230, League City (Tex.) Clear Creek, is no longer committed to Arkansas and feels that UCLA is the place for him.


"I found out that Arkansas was caught cheating," Davis said. "In the newspaper it said how they have been paying players to play for them.  They're in serious trouble. So, I decided it's not worth not being able to play in a bowl game. So, I'm definitely not going to Arkansas."


When asked what schools he was left considering, Davis said, "I visited Colorado, but I'm not really thinking of them. The way it looks with Arkansas, I think I'm going to UCLA. As of right now, in my mind I'm going to UCLA."


Davis will visit UCLA officially this weekend, flying into Los Angeles on Thursday.  He said he more than likely wouldn't verbally commit because he's verbally committed a few times and he doesn't want to do it again. "I verbally committed to Texas, then to UCLA, then to Arkansas," he said. "I don't want to do it again. On signing day, they'll know where I'm going. But I just don't want to verbally commit again and have something happen. If I had to to keep a scholarship I would, but I hope I won't."


When he decided he wanted to renew his interest in UCLA, it was a bit serendipitous the way he got in contact with new Bruin coaching staff. "I just moved, so no one was really able to get a hold of me. But when I decided I wanted to get a hold of UCLA, I still had all the phone numbers."  And he said that his family's friendship with the family of current UCLA freshman Eric McNeal helped. "My mom is really close with Eric McNeal's mom. So, they talked.  So we found out that Coach Johnson was still there at UCLA. And then we found out that Eric Bieniemy was hired at UCLA, and he was the coach who was recruiting me at Colorado.  So, I called coach Johnson. He said he had been trying to call me but couldn't get a hold of me because we moved. He was very excited to hear from me and he said he had reserved a spot for me."


Even though many of the things that have happened to Davis in his recruitment – the coaching change at UCLA, the problems at Arkansas – weren't his fault, does he feel he should have done anything differently?  "I probably should have just stuck with UCLA. It's where I want to go. I just strayed because of what happened with the coaching change and I wanted to see everything. Now I feel I should have just stuck with them. UCLA has always been the best choice and really where I feel comfortable and where I wanted to go. So, I'm back now and I feel good about it, about the program and the school."

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