Elite Running Back Now Interested

The #9-ranked running back in the country, <b>Maurice Drew</b>, has come off a week's performance at CaliFlorida that awed many. With the new coaches at UCLA, he now expresses interest in the Bruins. Who else is in it?

During last weekend's CaliFlorida Bowl game as well as the practices, there wasn't a more impressive player from either state than Concord (Calif.) De La Salle running back Maurice Drew.

Drew, 5-8, 195 pounds was held almost in awe by his Cali teammates and after the game was over, the Florida players went over and asked to have their picture taken with him.

"He has the best the player in the country," Cali safety A.J Tuitele was saying after the game. "You can't tackle that guy, he's too good."

Drew is built like a tank and is all thighs. Upon impact, he's always the one delivering the blow rather than taking it. He also has excellent speed and clocked a 10.7 in the 100m during track season last year.

Things have changed quite a bit for Drew on the recruiting front. He has already visited Colorado but they're hanging on by a thread right now.

"I like Coach Barnett a lot but the main reasons why I was favoring Colorado was because of Coach Embree and Coach Bieniemy," Drew said. "They're still in it right now, but I don't know who the running back coach will be or what kind of system they'll be running.

"I've also changed some visits around. I'm dropping Cal and Arizona State and replaced them with UCLA and Oklahoma. Those two called after the CaliFlorida Bowl and I set up a trip with UCLA for (Jan. 24). Coach Dorrell called me and he seems pretty cool. Having Coach Embree and Bieniemy there is a big plus.

"Oklahoma watched the game but wants to see a high school game before offering me. I'm going to send them the game with Long Beach Poly and I would like to visit there if they offer. They seem pretty interested right now though.

"I have Oregon this weekend and I'm still hoping to visit USC on (Jan. 17). I know they just got two tailbacks but I don't care about that. I actually want to go somewhere where there's competition because it will make me better. I'm not afraid to compete against anyone. I'm not sure if they still want me now but if they do, I'm still interested.

"Those are the main schools I'm looking at now and I'm happy about those choices. Once I take all my trips, I'll be ready to make my decision."

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