Georgia Safety Names Top Four

Daunte Carr, the 6-2, 195-pound safety prospect from Gainesville, Georgia, picked through about 20 scholarship offers from all over the country and has come down to four favorites. He'll visit those four this summer and then decide...

"In no order, my top four are Wake Forest, Stanford, North Carolina State, and UCLA," said Daunte Carr. "I have called a lot of schools today and let them know what was going on. I talked to a lot of coaches out of courtesy because they had offered me a scholarship."

It looks like it will come down to two schools on the East coast and two schools on the West coast. When asked if these four schools were his top four or final four, Carr said, "that is a good question." "Things could always change, so this could be or could not be my final four. I know I like all four a lot."

Odds are high that the 6-foot-2, 195 pound athlete out of Gainesville, Ga. will pick one of these schools by the end of the summer. He plans to give each school one final look before making his decision.

"I am going to camp at all four of my favorites this summer and kind of test drive each school and let them test drive me," he said. "It will give them a chance to coach me and see how I fit into things they do and I will get to see how it is to perform for the coaches at each school. I have visited each school already, so I think the camp will be important."

So why did he choose these four? He breaks down each one here.

Wake Forest: "Number one, it is close to home and that is great. It is a small school and very energetic. I think the school is very balanced with academics and athletics too."

Carr is being recruited to play safety.
Stanford: "Academics are very strong at Stanford and they are in the top five in everything academically. Getting a degree from there really stands out. That degree really has a lot of power. They have a phenomenal coaching staff and a great living environment too."

North Carolina State: "They have a really nice campus that has been rebuilt recently. I got there and I was like, wow at the campus. Being close to home is a plus for them too. They are known for engineering and that is one of my majors, so I like that also."

UCLA: "They have highly ranked medical and engineering programs and I plan to major in each of those, so I like that a lot. I love the tropical climate there, they have great media relations there, and a lot of famous celebrities went there. They are always around and that is a plus."

Now, it is up to what takes place on the upcoming visits to his four favorites. He definitely plans to commit before the season, so bonding with the coaches on the field may lead to what schools he chooses later this summer.

"I just want to see how I feel at their camps. That is going to be big. It is all about how everything goes these last visits. I just want to make sure I find the right school for me, so every visit was important before and these will be even more important now."

Chad Simmons is the Recruiting Analyst for the South Region and he can be reached at

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