Standouts at the Combine

There was a good deal of talent among the wide receivers, running backs and defensive backs at the Los Angeles Combine Saturday, with Kenny Stills runing a blazing 40-yard dash, and Jordon James looking took quick in the one-on-ones...

There was a good amount of talent at the Los Angeles Combine Saturday, with plenty of D-1 receivers and defensive backs, which made for some very intense one-on-ones.

If we had to choose a camp MVP, it would probably go to Kenny Stills, the wide receiver from Encinitas (Calif.) La Costa Canyon. Stills glided through his 40-yard dash effortlessly, recording a 4.36, which was easily the best time of the day. He even complained a bit that his hamstring was tight before he ran it. In the drills, he looked very quick and precise in his cuts, then in the one-on-ones he was almost unguardable, combining both that speed and agility with very good pass-catching ability.

Jordon James, the 5-10 running back from Corona (Calif.) High, would be Still's best competition for the MVP honor Saturday. James, who is about 5-10, ran a 4.48 40, and then really shined in the drills and the one-on-ones. There were a few reps where defenders literally gave up trying to stay with him in pass coverage.

Running back Brennan Clay from San Diego Scripps Ranch was very close in terms of his performance and upside as James. He ran a 4.55 40, and was sharp and quick in the drills. He looked to be about 5-10, however, and not the 6-0 as he's listed.

Perhaps in the same tier as those three was Paul Richardson, the wide receiver now at Gardena Serra who was committed to UCLA but de-committed last week. Richardson has a very good body, with a good frame, but isn't too built out, so he has plenty of room to add muscle. He was particularly impressive in his explosiveness off the line and then once he had space he showed excellent hands.

James McConico, the running back from Compton, ran a 4.52 40, and physically was bigger than the other elite running backs, looking at least 6-0. He showed very good feet going through the drills, but then dropped a few in the passing drills.

Linebacker prospect Josh Shirley from Fontana Kaiser has one of the best bodies of any prospect in the west. He worked as a defensive end in the one-on-ones, and there wasn't an OL who could stay with him. He was just as impressive in coverage.

George Uko, the defensive tackle from Chino Hills, was the best lineman on either side of the ball. The quickness he showed out of his stance, for a guy his size, was exceptional.

Sean Parker from Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne, the elite safety, had some good moments in coverage. He's about 5-11 and pretty thick in his legs and rear, but he showed very good agility in the testing.

The USC-committed tight end, Randall Telfer has a good body, runs well and showed good hands.

Joshua Shaw from Palmdale has a good frame and made some plays in the one-on-ones.

If there was one player who out-performed his rep it would clearly be Shaquille Richardson, the Los Alamitos corner prospect. He has good size for a corner, at about 6-0 and with a good frame, and was probably the best cover man at the camp, with great hips and a very smooth, effortless ability to stay with his man. He must have had 4 interceptions in the one-on-ones. He said he's coming to UCLA's 1-day camp next Saturday and hoping for a scholarship offer.

Demetrius Wright, the defensive back from Corona (Calif.) High, certainly passes the eye-ball test, with very good musculature and a wide frame. He looked a little stiff in the drills and one-on-ones compared to the other very fluid athletes working as defensive backs.

Kenneth Scott, the receiver from Ontario (Calif.) Colony, has very good size, looking close to 6-3 and being very well-built through his arms and shoulders. He didn't have the explosiveness off the line like some of the other WRs, but his size made it difficult for the DBs to get an angle on him.

Lucky Radley from Agoura (Calif.) Agoura Hills worked with the running backs and had some good moments.

Tevin McDonald, the defensive back from Fresno (Calif.) Edison, was solid in his performance, and has a good body, at about 6-0 and 185.

The camp was a bit light on quarterbacks and linemen. Bryan Bennett of Encino Crespi was by far the standout passer, and he had just an okay performance. He might be 6-2 to 6-3, but he's also a bit narrow in the shoulders and hips. He has a strong arm, but tried to muscle a few too many balls and didn't show consistent accuracy.

Giovanni Di Poalo was probably the most highly rated OL at camp, and he did well in the one-on-ones. He has a good frame and strong legs, while his upper body looks more like that of a tight end. Michael Mitchell, the OL prospect from Crespi, has a chance, at about 6-4 and with fairly wide shoulders, moving well in the drills.

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