A Look at Being Seantrel Henderson

The rigors of high school life are compounded when you are a multi-sport athlete. Imagine, then, being the #1 prospect in the country for football, and having over 50 scholarship offers and you have some idea of what it is like to be Seantrel Henderson. Find out a little more about the kid behind all the stars, offers and expectations...

Cretin-Derham Hall has been home to a number of great prospects over the years, even a few who are among the elite in the nation. However, their offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson is the first prospect they have who is unanimously considered the top prospect in the country.

A 6'7, 310-lb offensive tackle, he has two scholarship offers in basketball (Marquette and St. Louis), a tribute to the athleticism he possesses in that frame. Those two offers on the hardwood still pale in comparison to the over 50 he has for football. With all that to sift through, he luckily has a history of top athletes to pull from at his school.

"Mike Floyd, Shady Solomon, Matt Carufel, I talk to them periodically, especially Mike," Henderson said, "They said that it's my decision where I go. Don't listen to anyone's opinions. This is the time I can be selfish about something. They said to go with my instinct, because it is the biggest decision I'll ever make."

Henderson has always been bigger than everyone his age. When he began football in 2nd grade, he had to play three grades up, which gave him a rough introduction to the game.

"I wasn't that good at all," he admitted, "I was terrible. I got sick of getting knocked down all the time because they all knew what they were doing and it was my first year. Then I got better and kept getting better and better."

That is somewhat of an understatement, as he now is the top high school player in America. Still, he says basketball is his first love. He still plays AAU and is considering trying both sports in college, although he is aware of his massive potential on the gridiron.

"I started noticing that I had body for football and I was better at football, anybody could see that. I know I could still play basketball too, if I want to play in college. I would like to, but I know it's going to be a lot of hard work. If I have it in me to do two, I'll do two."

The degree to which he is being recruited in both sports has made the entire process quite hectic for Henderson. Between school, practice, traveling for AAU and visits, he has to field questions from reporters, read e-mails and answer calls from coaches and still try to find time for himself. He has not given out his home phone number, a move designed to insulate himself somewhat and he says he still is able to find time for himself.

"I just know that everything has to be done. I put it to myself to make sure I get everything done, then when I go hangout, I go hangout. I chill with my girlfriend or when I'm by myself, I sometimes I take walks to get away and think about everything."

Soon, Henderson may have some relief. While he says he will wait until Signing Day to make a decision, he plans to cut his list to ten schools soon. He says Minnesota, Ohio State, USC, UCLA, Oklahoma and Florida State will make the cut for sure and he also likes Michigan, Iowa, Florida and LSU.

"I took some unofficial visits and I'll be taking more in June to about seven or eight schools," he said, "after that, I'll be narrowing it down. After I narrow it down, it will be better for me. It won't be as hectic as it is for me now."

When he gets some of his time back, Henderson is likely to do one thing first.

"The one thing I have not been getting a lot of is sleep."

Special thanks to Miller Safrit for contributing to this report.

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