Nottingham Snaps Up Offer

The quarterback from Danville (Calif.) Monte Vista had a dream come true this afternoon. After attending UCLA's Camp for a morning session, Rick Neuheisel offered him a scholarship, and the 6-3, 210-pounder snapped it up, saying it was just too good of a fit for him to pass up...

Brett Nottingham, the 6-3, 210-pound quarterback from Danville (Calif.) Monte Vista, received a scholarship offer from UCLA's Rick Neuheisel today and immediately committed.

"It's a dream come true to commit to UCLA," Nottingham said. "As soon as Coach Neuheisel offered I knew I was going to take it."

It had been a big couple of weeks for Nottingham. Two weeks ago he attended UCLA's One- Day Camp, and the UCLA coaches asked him to return to the Three-Day Camp so they could get another look at him. In the interim, he went to the Stanford camp, where he won the quarterback challenge and then received a scholarship offer from Cardinal Head Coach Jim Harbaugh on his cell phone as he was heading to the airport. He then flew to Colorado to attend their camp, and received an offer on his way home from Boulder.

Tired, but pumped up, Nottingham made it to UCLA's Three-Day Camp Tuesday, the last day of the camp. After putting his talent on display and working with Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow in the chalkboard room, Coach Neuheisel asked Nottingham to call him on his way home.

"When I said yes, Coach Neuheisel said, "Welcome to the Bruin family.'" Nottinghamd said. "It's amazing how it all worked out. I wasn't sure UCLA was ever going to offer. I just kept pushing myself to get out there and do the best I could at all of these camps. I wasn't sure I had my best day (at UCLA) because I've been at so many camps in the last couple of days."

He said even if he hadn't received the scholarship offer, getting the opportunity to work with Coach Chow was a memorable experience.

He said: "Getting to work out with Coach Chow was awesome. It really made me focus and get intense. He's a great coach. He's had so much experience, and getting to sit in the chalkboard room with him this morning I learned so much in such a small amount of time. It gets me really excited to now think about how much I'm going to learn coming to UCLA."

Even though Neuheisel welcomed Nottingham to the Bruin family, he's already actually been a part of one. His older sister just graduated from UCLA a week ago and his other sister is still an undergraduate.

"That's why it was such a big thing," Nottingham said. "First, ever since I was little I dreamed about going to UCLA. Then my sisters went here. I've always had UCLA shirts, and my sisters always bought me more shirts."

After he committed, he went to lunch with his family and he said it was a great feeling. He said, "My parents, my sisters, my aunt and uncle, my grandparents, they were all so excited that I'm going to UCLA. Again, it's a dream come true."

When it comes down to it, he said he and UCLA are such a good fit. "Everything about it is right," said Nottingham. "The football program, the education...and the coaching staff. To work with Coach Chow...and he said I was the only quarterback they offered in-state, so that means a lot."

Nottingham had plans to continue his whirlwind camp tour, but he said those plans will change. "I don't think I'm going to the USC camp now," he said. "There's really no reason to. But I'm going to the Elite 11 camp this weekend."

He then added he did have some plans beyond his camp tour. "Now I'm going to go out and start recruiting for UCLA and get some more good players into the program," Nottingham said.

Anyone in particular? "(Wide receiver) Kenny Stills," said Nottingham. "We played together at the 7-on-7 in Las Vegas, and I loved throwing the ball to him. We really clicked. In Coach Chow's offense, we could really do some big things together at UCLA."

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