Report from Thursday's 7-on-7

It's a pretty informal atmosphere, and you really can't take much away from it, but the football team, in its summer 7-on-7 Thursday, as it does every summer, looks physically bigger. There were some noticeable changes with some players, and some guys who stood out...

The football team gets together for a 7-on-7 every weeknight but Friday at Spaulding Field.

It's really a loosely run affair, with players' plugging in their Ipods to the field's sound system, and running backs lining up as cornerbacks, so there isn‘t much you can really take from it.

Really, the overall impression, as you get every summer when you see the players for the first time in a long time, is that everyone is much bigger.

The guy who has made the biggest jump in bulk is probably Rahim Moore, the sophomore safety. If he weighed 175 to 180 last season, he probably checks in at 190 to 195 now. He's put on a pair of considerable guns, but it's just not in his arms – it's noticeable in his entire torso and legs.

Aaron Hester, the rather sizeable redshirt freshman cornerback, said, "Yeah, I think he's bigger than I am now."

Tony Dye, the sophomore safety, looks noticeably bigger also.

Hester, by the way, looked very good in coverage, coming away with an initial pick on the very first throw by Kevin Prince.

Among the freshmen, perhaps the most physically impressive in Stanjarivus McKay, the safety from Long Beach Poly. Right there with him is linebacker Isaiah Bowens, who looks all of 6-3 and 225.

You only got to see the offensive linemen for a short time; they come on the field at the beginning, go through some running plays from scrimmage and leave. There were only defensive linemen there observing.

As we reported when we saw them at the UCLA Three-Day Camp, Xavier Sua-Filo and Stan Hasiak are very good-sized. Greg Capella also is a big boy. They don't have the muscle definition of the veteran OLs, but they are very impressive in terms of height and frame.

On the team, it's clear that the leader is senior tight end Logan Paulsen. He has the respect of the veterans and the younger guys. He looks fully recovered, as does fellow senior tight end Ryan Moya.

Morrell Presley, the freshman TE/WR, caught a few nice balls over the middle. It's impressive to see his combination of size and quickness slicing through the middle of coverage.

Among the receivers, Terrence Austin, of course, was impressive. He caught one post along the sideline with one hand while he was tightly covered by Andrew Abbott.

Freshman Ricky Marvray steps into the team looking like a veteran. He's physically developed and shows a good burst off the ball.

There was a UCLA track sprinter working out with the team at receiver, Coleman Edmund, who I'm told is probably going to attempt to play football this fall.

He's listed in the UCLA media guide for track at 6-4, but that is clearly a typo. He looks to be about 5-11, 6-0 at the tallest, and well-built, and, of course, extremely fast off the line. He looked comfortable running routes and caught the ball naturally. From what I'm hearing, he didn't run much track this season.

Freshman speedster Randall Carroll is a flash off the line. He got behind his man with the kind of speed Spaulding Field hasn't seen in a while.

Perhaps the most noteworthy play of the day was Nelson Rosario going up over Alterraun Verner in the corner of the endzone and coming down with a touchdown, only for Verner to come away with the ball and the pick.

In terms of quarterbacks, Prince threw a nice, strong ball. Richard Brehaut threw a few nice balls, but struggled a bit on the short ones. Kevin Craft didn't throw much, being one of the organizers of the 7-on-7, and Nick Crissman, still recovering from the shoulder surgery, only threw on the sideline. He didn't look like he was throwing with much limitation, however. There was also a freshman walk-on quarterback who got in a few reps.

There's quite a bit of trash talking and woofing going on between the offense and defense.

Many players weren't there, or didn't participate. Quite a few linebackers weren't there.

We'll have a photo gallery coming later today…

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