Green Hasn't Ruled Out UCLA

<b>Chad Green</b>, the cornerback prospect from the same school as UCLA soft verbal, Dennis Keyes, said that UCLA isn't out of the picture totally. What kind of chance, realistically, does UCLA have?

Chad Green,  5-11, 180, Van Nuys (Calif.) Birmingham, said that UCLA is still in it despite no plans to visit the UCLA campus officially.


He said he was considering tripping to UCLA this weekend, but decided to stick to the plan he has. "I've been thinking about it, visiting UCLA," Green said. "But I'm going to ASU this weekend. I had that visit set."


The rest of Green's visit schedule has seen him already visit Oregon State, Washington, and then Oregon just last week. After he visits ASU, the plan is to trip to LSU on January 24th.


In regards to the Oregon visit, Green said, "It was nice. I had a good time. It's a good school, good community and a good program. Academically, too, I got some things clarified."


When asked if there were schools other than the ones on his official visit list he's still seriously interested in, Green said there was. "UCLA and California.  They're not out of it.  With UCLA, I know it's good to go on an official visit, but I know all about that program and the school. I've been there so many times. My cousin went there, I have friends there now, and I have friends that just graduated. There isn't too much I don't know about the school, so I didn't want to take an official visit there. With Cal, I had an in-home visit with a coach from Cal. I liked their grad rates and I want to know a lot more about them. Some things about them have stuck out in my head, so I'm still considering them."


The issue about UCLA could be it's location, which might not be a positive. "UCLA is close, which can be good. But it might be too close. I think I might want to go and get away from home for a few years. See what it's like other there in another part of the country."


Right now, among the schools he's considering, Green said he doesn't have a preference. But he said he intends to make a decision by the end of the month. "Hopefully right after my last trip.  Some time right around the 28th of January."


Green said he has spoken with his teammate, Dennis Keyes, who is considered a soft verbal to UCLA. Keyes visited Cal last weekend. "He said he liked the facilities a lot, and the community. He said it had some positives."

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