Big Turn in the Recruitment of Smith, Naylor

There is a big turn in the recruitment of the two defensive linemen from Tulsa, Oklahoma, <b>Blake Smith</b> and <b>Jared Naylor</b>, after a UCLA coach visits the two of them at their high school today...

Defensive tackle Jared Naylor, 6-3, 270, and defensive end Blake Smith, 6-3, 245, both of Tulsa (Okla.) Union, received a visit today at their high school by UCLA defensive line coach Don Johnson.


Coach Johnson told Naylor that they have put his recruitment on hold. Naylor said,"I am still trying to find out whether they have a spot for me. I don't know how many commitments they have there. Coach Johnson has to talk to head coach (Karl) Dorrell, and they will call me back tonight or tomorrow."


Will they have an in-house with Naylor? "They probably will if everything works out."


Smith was also on campus when Johnson came by. Smith said, "It turns out, he came in and said that it just didn't work out. Coach Dorrell decided that he didn't have a spot for me. So then Coach Snyder from Colorado State was also at school today, and I told him I wanted to commit to Colorado State. I committed to Colorado State."

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