Horton is Hyped

The safety prospect from Louisiana, <b>Chris Horton</b>, has a very impressive in-home visit with a UCLA coach. How close is he to committing to the Bruins?

Chris Horton, 6-2, 195, 4.48, New Orleans (LA) De La Salle, said UCLA assistant coach Eric Bieniemy came to his home last night for an in-home visit, and he and his mother were extremely impressed.


 "It went really well. My mom really likes coach Bieniemy," Horton said.  "After coach Bieniemy left, my mom said, ‘You know, he is a nice guy.' He made a great first impression on my mom and me."


In fact, the in-home visit went so well that the hard-hitting safety says there is no doubt that UCLA is his leader.


BRO spoke with Horton ten days ago when he was getting ready to go visit Arkansas, the team Horton said was his co-leader with UCLA at the time. How did that visit go? "I didn't even go," he said.  "I was supposed to go last weekend, but I changed it to this weekend. Right now it is looking like I might not even make it to Arkansas."


Horton also said that the official trips he has set to Tulane and Clemson are suddenly also on hold as well.  Asked about why the hesitation regarding re-scheduling Arkansas and the trips to Tulane and Clemson, Horton said,  "I'm about to commit to UCLA."


Bieniemy made the Louisiana in-home visit on his own, but Horton said that he expects to have head coach Karl Dorrell in his home next next week.


Horton had not talked to a member of the new UCLA staff until last week. He did say that he realized they were still pulling the staff together and the dead period had just ended. "First, coach Bieniemy called me. Then a couple days later coach Dorrell called me. Coach Bieniemy sent me the story from Bruin Report Online that was done on me. That was cool. And both coaches said they still wanted me to join them at UCLA. And I am looking forward to probably coming out there. My mom already called my aunt in Los Angeles tonight to tell her I am probably coming out to UCLA."


Other good news also came to Horton's home recently. He achieved an 18 on the December ACT to become fully qualified. "I sent my papers to the Clearinghouse about two weeks ago. Since last year I have been in the National Honor Society, so grades have not been a problem. There shouldn't be any problem with the Clearinghouse."


Asked if he intends to wait until next week to commit when coach Dorrell comes in-home, Horton said, "There is a good chance I might commit before that."

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