Kevin Prince On Summer Advances

The redshirt freshman quarterback has clearly made strides over the off-season, and Kevin Prince talked to us about it at yesterday's 7-on-7. The workout also showed some of the new freshman talent...

The Bruins added a couple of work days to their final week of voluntary throwing sessions, with Monday and Wednesday 7-on-7s in addition to the usual Tuesday and Thursday. ‘'We want to get as many reps in against the defense as we can,'' quarterback Kevin Prince explained.

But, clearly, Prince already has made good use of the summer on Spaulding Field. The redshirt freshman, who was tabbed as the Bruins' starting quarterback coming out of spring practices, is heading into fall camp with a greater comfort level and grasp of the offense.

‘'It's just reps … that's why we practice so much. Over time, you do it enough and you see it enough on film and look at it enough on paper, it starts to happen. You understand where you're supposed to look for the ball,'' Prince said. ‘'When the defense shifts, it doesn't throw me off as much now and I just naturally go elsewhere with the play as opposed to the primary receiver if they give me a wrong defensive look. It doesn't rattle me as much now. I've obviously still got a lot to learn in that regard, but I feel like it's coming along.

‘'I feel more comfortable, for sure. I definitely feel more comfortable. I think the spring gave me a better sense of security in terms of my position on the team and whenever I've been given a starting role in the past I've kind of just run with it and been more comfortable being a leader and coaching up guys, more being myself, and I think that's starting to show out here.''

The Bruins' starting quarterback took limited reps during their Tuesday session – during camp, the Bruins are likely to monitor the amount of throwing Prince does to stave off any arm fatigue. But when he was in, the ball moved down the field. His throws were on time and on target, and he has taken forward steps since the spring game at the Rose Bowl when the offense had difficulty moving the football and putting points on the scoreboard.

It has helped also that the receiving corps is much deeper with the addition of incoming freshmen Randall Carroll, Ricky Marvray and Damien Thigpen.

Marvray aggressively gets after the football (something not all of the UCLA receivers do consistently) and the speed Carroll and Thigpen bring will help make the Bruins' offense much more difficult to defend than it was a year ago when they put-putted along with the football.

‘'I don't think that's a stretch (to think that) at all,'' Prince said. ‘'On Monday Randall Carroll ran down the field and caught a streak for a 50-yard play. The defense didn't have a chance to cover it because he's so fast. With Damian Thigpen, I have to change my footwork on some of the plays because he gets out of his breaks too fast, faster than any of our other receivers. The athleticism that this freshman class has brought in, I think is going to help a lot.''

-- Eddie Williams, the lineman from Mt. Sac College, looks to be on track academically to be in UCLA's fall camp. UCLA offensive line coach Bob Palcic said: "He's doing very well finishing up his courses ... very well. I'm expecting him to be here (for the start of camp). I'm counting on him being here."

Williams, the 6-1, 330-pounder, is expected to help out immediately in the interior offensive line. He signed a National Letter of Intent last winter, but has had some academic work to complete over the summer to be admittted.

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