Update on Honeycutt Injury

The 6-8 incoming freshman small forward, Tyler Honeycutt, has been sitting out from basketball for 8 weeks, in the first phase of recovering from a spinal stress fracture. Here's all the details of the injury...

Bruin Report Online has received new and more clarifying information on the injury of Tyler Honeycutt, the incoming freshman small forward from Sylmar, Calif.

UCLA doctors determined that Honeycutt's stress fracture was something he has had for at least two years. The fall he took in the all-star game in April exacerbated it, as we reported earlier.

For the last two years, Honeycutt has been playing with occasional pain.

UCLA doctors, however, have said the type of spinal stress fracture is very common -- in fact, 10% of all athletes probably have it and don't know it. It's apparently very common in basketball and volleyball players.

It's an affliction that doctors say can't ever be healed, and that playing on it won't make it worse, it's just a matter of pain management. What doctors do prescribe is to take some time off from playing, to enable the pain to subside, and then rehab it and strengthen the core muscles around the fracture to enable the player to play pain-free.

This is what Honeycutt has been doing. He is already 8 weeks into the "no-activity" phase, and for the last week has been pain-free. He is supposed to begin rehab this week.

UCLA doctors ruled out surgery at this point, wanting to see how he gets through his freshman season.

With practice beginning October 15th, Honeycutt will have 2 1/2 months to be ready.

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