Mammoth JC OL Hears from Bruins

A huge JC tackle, Ladeven Kirkland, from Yuba Junior College in Arizona, has been hearing from a variety of programs, and the 6-5, 340-pounder said UCLA "has been in contact with me a lot"...

A mammoth offensive tackle who is still waiting for his first offer is Yuba OT Ladeven Kirkland (6-5, 340), and that has motivated him to work even harder this offseason. got an update from Kirkland, including what brought him out to California after he finished his outstanding prep career at Booker T. Washington High School in Miami, Florida.

"I didn't qualify and a couple of my coaches at high school knew some of the coaches out here at Yuba," Kirkland told recently. "It has really helped me focus on school and footall. I needed to get away from things back at home and just start over and this place has really helped me do that."

With his size, one might think Kirkland isn't able to move as well as some smaller players, but that isn't true.

"I've always been known for my quick feet and how athletic I am," Kirkland said. "I love the game of football and that's really driven me to be the best I can be.

"My love for the game is what makes me work hard when I feel tired and don't want to work out or do that extra sprint or whatever."

Kirkland boasts solid physical numbers in addition to his size. He benches 395 pounds while posting a solid 5.2 forty time at 340 pounds.

Recruiting is just starting to pick up for Kirkland and he's hearing from several schools, but he's still waiting on that first offer.

"UCLA has been in contact with me a lot," Kirkland said. "They said they like my size and what I can do. They seem to really like me.

"Iowa State, Kansas State and California have all said they like me and shown me some interest too. I get a lot of letters too, but those four schools are the ones that have actually talked to me."

Kirkland is on pace to finish up his two-year degree in December and he'll have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

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