Stearns: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The wide receiver/athlete prospect from Gardena Serra, <b>Devin Stearns</b>, returned from an official visit this weekend and talked about the schools he's considering. It might come down to a decision between staying close to home or going away to school...

 Devin Stearns, 6-1, 190, Gardena (Calif.) Serra, returned from his visit to Arizona State this weekend and he said the trip really enhanced the Sun Devil's chances with him.


"It was a good trip, I liked it a lot," Stearns said. "It was right up there with my trip to Washington and to Oregon."


Stearns also took an official visit to California and has one more official visit planned for Ohio State this coming weekend. He said he'll visit UCLA unofficially tomorrow (Monday).


As for a leader, Stearns said he's leaning toward going away to school and that Washington, Arizona State and Cal are all co-leaders as the schools that are away from home.  When asked about a leader he said, "Well, probably Washington. But you can mention all three of those schools – Washington, Arizona State and Cal – in any order really."


If he stayed close to home, Stearns said that UCLA would "likely" be where he would go. "But Cal is kind of close to home, but not too far away. So it might be a sort of good thing in the middle." 


Stearns said Oregon has slipped since he hasn't heard from the Oregon coaching staff recently. He, in fact, was just about to try to get a hold of an Oregon coach.


Stearns said he met with UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell and receiver coach Jon Embree last week. "They came by my home for a visit and talked with my mom and me. Then they also came by the school to see my coach and meet my dad. They were both pretty impressive. It was just impressive how interested coach Dorrell was.  The fact that he was a receivers' coach, and he gives his receivers love, and wants to throw the ball. He's just impressive as a head coach."


Were the coaches impressive enough to improve UCLA's chances? "Well, it was never really about the coaches at UCLA, but the school. It's a great school. And it'd be great because of the people I know there, and who might go there."


And he's referring to....?  "My old high school teammate, Eric McNeal, goes to UCLA. And I'm friends with a couple of the Poly guys, Kevin Brown and Junior Lemau'u, and Maurice Drew from De La Salle.  They're all considering UCLA. I mean, it will all come down to what we have to do individually. We have to do what's good for us individually. If it happens that we all went to the same school it'd be great.  And even if those guys didn't go, I know that Eric is there. So, it's not really that much of an influence on me that I could go to UCLA and be there with friends. But it definitely would be a bonus. It'd just make it that much more comfortable."


Stearns said that the biggest factor that will affect his decision is whether he decides to go away or stay close to home for school. "That's the main decision for me, to stay close or go away. Right now, it's looking like going away."   His parents more than likely won't play a big part in his decision on whether to stay or leave. "They would be happy for me whatever I chose. My mom, she kind of does want me to stay close to home. My dad, he's just happy that I'm able to have this opportunity, that it's good whatever school I choose."


When it comes to the time frame for his decision, Stearns says he thinks it won't take much longer. "I'll take this one last trip to Ohio State, then I'm pretty sure a couple of days after that I'll be deciding."

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