Tuesday Football Practice Report

The quarterbacks switch squads, a couple of new faces are seen on Spaulding Field, two receivers look good, Brian Price makes the play of the day, and it's clear that you shouldn't try to define a position for Morrell Presley...

Tuesday's practice was quite a bit more uneventful than Monday's.

The team again was divided into two squads. This time, however, quarterbacks Kevin Craft and Richard Brehaut worked with the 1s and the 3s in the first session, and Kevin Prince and Nick Crissman practiced with the 2s and 4s.

As reported, freshman fullback Jayson Allmond participated. We've said before how big he is, and he still looks big on Spaulding Field next to the veterans.

The tight end who transferred from Notre Dame, Joseph Fauria, also practiced, in the second session, working often with his former high school teammate, Prince. Fauria caught a couple of balls, one down the field, and looked decently quick for a guy his size. And he's big, easily 6-7, if not 6-8. Fauria is #94.

The star of the day was receiver Taylor Embree, who caught probably as many balls in the 7-on-7s and 11-on-11s as all the other receivers combined. During one stretch, Embree caught five balls on six successive possessions. It's either the quarterbacks are really looking for him, or he's the guy who's open – or both.

The other receiver who had a good day was freshman Ricky Marvray. He made many difficult catches, and looked strong in his route running. Marvray was working in the wide receiver rotation with the 1s and definitely made a mark.

The play of the day was probably a stop by Brian Price on a run up the middle by Christian Ramirez. Luckily, the players aren't in pads and Price didn't stick Ramirez, because the tailback might not have recovered. Ramirez took the hand-off and was immediately stood up by Price a few yards in the backfield.

Among the running backs, Milton Knox had a few good runs where he used his explosiveness to get through a hole and then his shiftiness in the open field.

Safety Tony Dye worked with the #1 defense Tuesday, after Glenn Love did on Monday.

Nik Abele, the massive freshman, is in a blue defense jersey, obviously starting out his UCLA career at defensive end.

Ryan Moya, the senior tight end, didn't participate in much of practice. It wasn't a matter of an injury, just a case where the coaches know what Moya can do and wanted to give the other tight ends more reps.

While it's going to be hard to define exactly what position Morrell Presley is, you can probably say he's not really a tight end. He hasn't lined up tight yet, but in the slot most of the time, and sometimes out wide. He had a bit of the dropsies again Tuesday.

The first-string offensive line was the same as Monday, with the two freshmen, Xavier Su'a-Filo and Stan Hasiak, working at left tackle and left guard.

The second string offensive line was the same also.

The third string consisted of Mike Harris at right tackle, Greg Capella at right guard, Jake Dean at center, Connor Bradford at left guard and Austin Hill at left tackle.

The second string defense Tuesday was Love and Aaron Ware at safety, Andrew Abbott and Courtney Viney at the corner spots, Steve Sloan at middle linebacker, Donovan Carter at strongside linebacker, Sean Westgate at weakside linebacker, Damien Holmes and Reginald Stokes at defensive end, and Jess Ward and David Carter at the defensive tackle spots.

Love had an interception on a batted ball.

Freshmen Brandon Sermons, Sheldon Price and Alex Maascarenas are all working as cornerbacks with the 3s and 4s.

The quarterbacks had a decent day. Prince struggled some, throwing inaccurately for a good amount of throws.

Crissman, for having to come back from a very serious shoulder injury where it wasn't sure he'd ever throw again, looked good. He still has awkward mechanics, where he drops his left arm down when he throws, and he tried to over-throw sometimes Tuesday, but he completed a good amount of his passes with accurate throws.

At practice was Taniela Maka, the linebacker from Long Beach Jordan who was a member of UCLA's 2009 class. Maka didn't achieve a qualifying test score, but is in the process of studying for it with plans to take it again and hopefully enroll at UCLA in time for spring quarter.

Also attending practice was Corin Brooks, the 6-3, 275-pound offensive line prospect from Riverside Arlington.

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