Okwo to Take One More Visit

The prospect UCLA covets at linebacker, Mira Costa's <b>Michael Okwo</b>, took an unofficial visit to UCLA this weekend, and said he'll have a big decision to make between two schools...

Michael Okwo, a 5-11, 205 pound linebacker from Manhatten Beach (Calif.) Mira Costa, spent about 30 minutes at UCLA on Sunday and will take an official visit to Westwood this weekend. He has also finished his application for Stanford and will be mailing it in later today.

Okwo had narrowed his list of schools to Stanford and UCLA a few weeks back. He visited the Farm and said he wanted to take an unofficial trip to UCLA to compare things.

"I went down there and met with Coach Dorrell for a little bit," Okwo said. "He's real cool, I like him a lot. There's just something about him that makes you believe in the guy. I can tell he has a plan for the program and we talked a lot about the school from an academic standpoint as well as from a football standpoint.

"He told me he wants me to come for an official visit with my parents this weekend so they can get a better feel for what UCLA has to offer. I think it would be good for my dad because he's still really pushing Stanford. My sister, who goes to Princeton, tried to explain to him how strong UCLA is academically and how tough it is to get in there. I think there's a perception by some people that compared to Stanford, UCLA is a Junior College but that's not true."

Okwo said he spent the morning at Kinkos making sure his Stanford application was ready and now it's all set to go.

"I'm one of the worst procrastinators there is," Okwo said. "I wait until the last minute to do everything and that's why it has taken so long to finish it. I had it done a few days ago but then my mom wanted to proof everything to make sure it was perfect. I'm going to send that out today. Right now, my plan is to visit UCLA this weekend and if I feel the school is right for me, I could commit without waiting to hear back from Stanford. I already know all about the school since I've visited there so hopefully I'll be ready to make my decision pretty soon here."

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