Comments from Holmes, Williams

Damien Holmes, the redshirt freshman defensive end, looks to be getting a good deal of playing time, and he talked about how missing spring set him back. JC transfer offensive guard Eddie Williams talked about being thrust into the starting right guard spot...

Three quick questions with defensive end Damien Holmes, who missed most of the spring after suffering a sprained shoulder:

Are you where you want to be in terms of lifting?

"I'm not where I want to be. There's always that strengthening period, but I'm working at it day by day and it's getting stronger every time."

How much did missing most of the spring affect you, if at all?

"I missed spring, but at the same time I got at least a third of it in, so it's not like I totally wasn't paying football. I did get some practices in, to show the coaches what I can do. It would have helped, definitely, to be out there the whole time, but I'm lucky I was able to get a couple of practices in there."

You still were able to work, though...

"Definitely. I didn't miss anything, kept taking notes, kept studying my playbook. I definitely got hurt physically, but mentally I was still in it, I was learning like all of the other d-linemen. Redshirting, you're anxious to show the coaches what you can do, but I felt like I did that in the first five practices. It did kind of suck because I was doing good, but you can't dwell on it."

Eddie Williams, on his play so far at the right guard spot:

"Right now it's still a rough road. But we've got a long way to go. The first days are always hard, especially coming from a JUCO, you know, you have to adapt to everything, pick up the calls and the terminology. So far, I'm picking it up slowly, making progress every day."

On getting used to the speed of the game when thinking about all the calls:

"Every day in film we watch and maybe about almost half of the time I'm like third or second to last getting off the ball. I'm still trying tpo pick it up, adapt to it, and get better every day. You just have to get used to it and once it clicks, it's going to be smooth sailing for us."

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