Bullough, Chow, Franklin and Ramirez

The Defensive and Offensive Coordinators, Chuck Bullough and Norm Chow, give their perspectives on Saturday's scrimmage. Johnathan Franklin talks about how he stepped up, and Christian Ramirez discussed the injury that ended his scrimmage...

Comments from Christian Ramirez:
Hamstring again?

 ‘'Oh, no, it wasn't even my hamstring that was bothering me. I rolled my ankle on the fourth play, the right one. It wasn't that bad, but you know, the training room told me to back off, no need to make matters worse.''
That has to be really frustrating...
‘'You don't even know. I've been fighting it all week to finally come and then the first couple of plays I get20banged up. The hamstring was fine. I've been treating it a lot, taking care of it, babying it. It helped out, but unfortunately, things didn't go for me today.''
What's the plan with the ankle?
 ‘'I shouldn't be out that long...just ice it for a couple of days, rest it probably. I just have to get in (the training room) and see what they tell me. It's not too bad.''
Comments from Johnathan Franklin:
Do you think we'll see a new No. 1 running back on Monday?
‘'I really don't have a clue right now. I don't know. I can't really comment on that right now.''
You have to feel pretty good about where you are, though...
‘'I feel good where I'm at. I just know when the opportunity comes I'm just going to take full advantage of it. Whenever it is, I'm just going to be patient and when the time comes I'm going to give it all I come.''
Coach Wayne Moses said that first game all four backs are going to play. Is it just up to one of you guys to take control of the thing?
 ‘'We will. Hopefully they keep all of us in the rotation. We're all different type of backs, we all have different skills and it will be really hard for teams to prepare for different types of running backs like that, so hopefully we all do well, we all have a good season.''
It's kind of hard to get into a big rhythm when you're out there for one series, sitting down the next, though, isn't it?
‘'Right. It is. But it's just like practice – when your time comes you've just got to take advantage of it because you never know when you're going to have another opportunity.''
What about the run today, the big one?
‘'A gift from God. I really don't know how that happened. Talent and skill, and I'm very humbled and very blessed.''
You just looked up and there was no one in front of you?
 ‘'I just used what I had. I used my skills, used my shiftiness, used what I have.''
Has it been hard, not really knowing where you stood through camp?
‘'It's not hard, it's football. It's a competition. We all just come out and we all work, we all compete every day regardless of what the position is, r egardless of who is No. 1, who is No. 2, who is No. 3. We're just all competing, we're all working, we're all trying to get better every day.''
The protections seem to be a lot better for you...
‘'I'm doing a lot better. I'm a lot more confident. So, I'm getting there. I'm getting there. Slowly but surely, I'm getting there.''
What has been the key in that – mentality, technique?
‘'Well, coaching. Coach Moses and an additional coach, (former Dorsey High and Washington running back) Beno Bryant, they've both played a big role in that. It's been extra work and work in practice. I definitely give credit to coach Wayne Moses and coach Beno Bryant.''
Comments from Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow:
Your initial impressions of the offensive line?
‘'Well, I think I was disappointed early. I thought we didn't play like we should, though there were a lot of idiosyncrasies in there as to why it's not. They got better as the game progressed, but we'll see. We'll have to look at the tape. It's hard to see without the tape. I was a little disappointed maybe in I thought we'd come out more ready to play, but our kids are tired after two weeks. We've got to get them back and we've got to play with a little more enthusiasm.''

Comments from Defensive Coordinator Chuck Bullough:

‘'The ones performed very well, the concern is the twos. That's where we have to go back and watch the film and make sure we're getting them ready because if there's one injury, they've got to be playing.''
The questions up front, the tackles and the ends...
 ‘'We didn't have Korey Bosworth and we didn't have Jerzy Siewierski today so those two guys are obviously players and the guys who played, it's hard to judge right now until I watch them but it looked like they have to pick it up. That's just a general view, but we'll see when we go back in and watch the film. The ones played well, but the twos are a concern.''
How about Brian Price today?
 ‘'Brian will always bring it. Like I said, the ones played very well.''
How realistic is it for guy like Sean Sheller and Connor Bradford and even the true freshmen like Keenan Graham and Iuta Tepa to be the type of twos that you need right now?
‘'That's hard. Right now they're just trying to learn so you really don't know anything about them until they learn it because they just get in a stance right now. They were o-linemen a week ago, so they've got to learn all the terminology, they have to learn what a 3-technique is, so right now it's hard to judge. They don't know where to place their hands … it's hard to judge those guys until probably midway through the season we'll be able to get a (read) if they can pick it up and see how they start using their hands and proper technique.''
Do you have concerns about the middle of the defense on the line?
‘'No, like I said earlier, the ones, and we didn't even have Jerzy or Korey Bosworth. The twos do concern me. We have to go back and evaluate the film. We've just got to keep plugging. As everybody knows we're light right now in the tackle area, so we just have to keep going. The ones performed well and the twos have got to pick it up.''
What does Price bring to the table?
‘'Power. He's power. He's big, powerful and fast. Whatever you're looking for in a defensive tackle, he's got it. It's hard to block him.''
The defense overwhelmed the No. 1 offense early. Is that to be expected in a scrimmage?
‘'I don't know if that's to be expected. The first team defense takes a lot of pride in performing, no matter if it's a scrimmage or a game. They get excited and they're ready to go. I was looking for tackling – can we tackle well. I thought the first team did a good job tackling. The second team, it's hard to see in the middle when some of those plays were busted against the second team. Wer e they missed tackles or were they just not in the right gap. That will be evaluated when we see the film.''
Who are the guys in the second and third groups you were most curious to see tonight?

‘'David Carter. It will be interesting to watch him on film. The two offensive linemen - even though like I said they don't know what they're doing. Were they tough? Did they quit? Did they play tough? Then you've got the young guys, Keenan Graham and Iuta Tepa. They made mistakes out there that I saw, but I want to make sure they're hustling and flying to the ball. That's the biggest thing with those young guys, if they can run and fly to the ball. We know there's going to be a learning curve, but the effort has to be there for all those guys. That's the thing we were talking about on the phones, the coaching staff, we can't wait to evaluate to see if everybody was flying to the ball. If they weren't, it will have to be addressed.''

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