Barnes Talks, Knows Visits

Harrison Barnes, the #1 basketball prospect in the country, talked to about how he's narrowed his list of schools down to six, the official visits he wants to take, and his unusual time frame for making a decision...

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Cyclone Sports Report spoke with Harrison Barnes, the 6-6 small forward from Ames (Iowa) High, who is the #1-ranked player in the nation by

CSR: Where does your recruitment currently stand?

Harrison Barnes: I have cut my list of schools down to six schools which are Duke, Iowa State, Oklahoma, North Carolina, UCLA, and Kansas. I will be taking an unofficial visit to Iowa State because I have been there many times and there really isn't a need to take one of my five official visits there. I will be taking my official visits to the other five schools.

CSR: So all six schools are even at this point?

HB: Yeah, all six are even at this time.

CSR: Will your visits all take place in the fall?

HB: Not necessarily because I'll only be taking official visits to the schools when a basketball event or a game is going to happen so I'm not sure when all of them will be scheduled.

CSR: So you will be not be signing with a school until the spring?

HB: Yeah, that is correct.

CSR: What will be your focus on your unofficial visit to Iowa State considering you have been there so many times?

HB: I want to set up my unofficial visit there when I can really sit down with the people at the business school. I have been there before but for my unofficial visit, I want to get more in-depth with them and I will also be looking to see what my living situation would be there if I chose Iowa State.

CSR: What has it been like trying to cut your list down?

HB: Last year my list just kept expanding and I was open to all the scholarship offers but it really got to the point where it was becoming a little bit out of control. So I cut my list to twelve schools and that way I was able to focus on those specific schools and do all the research on each that I needed to before cutting my list down to six schools. Now I can really focus on these schools and after my visits I will be able to make my decision.

CSR: What has been the best part of your summer?

HB: I would say getting to go and play in the Global Games and getting to meet some of the foreign players.

CSR: How did you enjoy playing with the international rules?

HB: It wasn't too different but I liked that there was a lot more possessions and that it was a faster game.

CSR: You have been the number one ranked player in the country for much of the past year. Do you feel the players changed their approach against you once you got that ranking?

HB: I definitely saw a change in the competition. Players really seemed anxious to play me and it just drove me to want to play better.

CSR: Do you fully expect that Ames High School will repeat as state champions?

HB: Yeah, well I would say that we definitely have as much chance as any school in the state. We have a lot of returning players and we now know what it takes to do it. If we prepare well and work hard we should definitely have a solid chance to do it again.

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