The End of Double Days

The Bruins wrapped up their last practice of double days Monday afternoon and tempers flare. Defensive Coordinator Chuck Bullough talked about his safety rotation, and Head Coach Rick Neuheisel discussed the transition into game preparation for San Diego State...

There was a helmet rolling on the ground during a team period.
No head in it, but interesting nonetheless.
There was some scuffling during the last of the Bruins' two-a-day practices, and in this case the helmet belonged to linebacker Reggie Carter, who got into it with freshman offensive lineman Stan Hasiak.
‘'Good day. Tired crew, hot day, full pads, poor tempers and they got after it a little bit. But that's good. You want it,'' Coach Rick Neuheisel said, after the session. ‘'Now you just make the lesson – cannot let that happen in a game. You can't allow yourself to lose focus on the task at hand so these are great teaching points when you get a chance to do so.
 ‘'We've got a bunch of guys who are willing to stand up. Now it's stand up at the appropriate time. I'm enthused by the fight in our team. Now it just has to be harnessed.''
Here are the rest of Neuheisel's comments after practice:
On the end of camp:
‘'I thought it was a great camp. You know, like all camps, you worry now about the fatigue of your team and you worry about the health of your team. We still have a lot of work to do, especially given the inexperience, but I do believe that we're on the right path and if we're careful and we're lucky and we keep working our tails off good things are in store.''
On the practice plan leading up to the opener against San Diego State:
‘'We'll do a little bit (Tuesday) and then we'll get after it in earnest on Wednesday, Thursday. We'll go and scrimmage and get some live action on Friday out at the Rose Bowl and then give Saturday as a day off and be after it fully on Sunday.''
On scouting an opponent with a new coaching staff:
‘'You just try to harness as much information as you can from the backgrounds of the particular coaches and you guess. You guess. The hard part about that for us is, you've got so many new players you feel like you may be giving them too much stuff that they don't even have to know because it may not happen, but you feel like as a coach you have to be prepared for everything. It's a quandary.
‘'But, you know what, honest to goodness, I'm very excited. I think we've got a lot of young guys that are showing that they can play, that they're willing to play, that they're willing to do whatever it takes and I think good things are in store for our program.''

Freshman receiver Randall Carroll was back and getting reps with the No. 1 offense after missing the morning session.

Defensive tackle Jerzy Siewierski, who missed the scrimmage because of a strained lower back, was able to participate in the afternoon practice.

With Kyle and Korey Bosworth away visiting an ai ling grandfather, Sean Westgate and Damien Holmes were taking the reps with the No. 1 defense at the Will linebacker and right end.
Freshman Dalton Hilliard was getting some reps with the No. 1 and No. 2 defense, but it was more in a research mode for the coaching staff. Hilliard missed the first part of camp because of a knee injury, and they wanted to get him more reps to evaluate.
‘'He had that knee at the beginning so we have to get him reps to see what he's got, because he wasn't there,'' defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough said. ‘'We're trying to catch him up on reps and see if he has anything before the season.''
The Bruins, Bullough said, will continue with a three-man rotation at the safety spots with Rahim Moore, Tony Dye and Glenn Love. ‘'You've got three veterans and right now those are our three guys that will be rotating in throughout the season. Right now we have to see if any of the young guys can come on,'' Bullough said.
‘'Stan McKay and Hilliard, those are guys that are still swimming a little bit. Now if they can settle down...It's the beginning of the week, so at the end of the week they have to be settling down. And then, also, more importantly than that, is how Frank Gansz thinks of them on special teams. That's the biggest thing. Can he use them or not?''
Brett Downey, the walk-on offensive tackle, bulldozed one-time offensive lineman/defensive tackle Sean Sheller on one play during a team period. He put Sheller on his back.
The Bruins figure to be using a lot of true freshmen on offense – left tackle Xavier Su'a-Filo, left guard Stan Hasiak, wide out Randall Carroll, probably tailback Damien Thigpen and possibly Ricky Marvray.

It's different on the defensive side. ‘'I could have seen Keenan Graham getting some playing time near the end of the season, Iuta Tepa is a high-motor guy,'' Bullough said. ‘'We've got to see how these guys come on. They are showing flashes obviously – that's why we gave them scholarships. Now, can they absorb it all and not be making mental errors? That's the whole thing. We still have a week left – does it settle down or is it still too confusing for them?''
Graham is out with a broken jaw suffered in the scrimmage.
The Bruins' offense had some difficulties holding onto the football during 7 -on-7 in the red zone. At one point, six consecutive passes hit the ground including drops by Carroll, Derrick Coleman, Ryan Moya and Nate Chandler.
Milton Knox, running with the No. 2 offense, made a great cutback to get into the end zone during red zone work, in the full 11-on-11.
Bullough was interested to look at the tape of the scrimmage, particularly the No. 2 defense, which gave up some chunks of yardage on the ground, including the long touchdown run by Johnathan Franklin.
‘'It ended up being the twos, which were a lot of young guys, just weren't in their gap. They were fighting to make a play, but they have to learn to stay in their gap. They were trying to make a play too much instead of just, like we say, just do your job, don't try to do someone else's. That's just young guys. They made mistakes. They try to do too much and they have to learn to just play within the system,'' Bullough said. ‘'But I was happy with the effort.''
Christian Ramirez was on crutches, with his ankle in a protective boot.
The Bruins will do a little work on San Diego State beginning today.

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