Su'a-Filo on Starting as a Frosh

The freshman offensive lineman, Xavier Su'a-Filo, talked about starting at left tackle, the jump from high school to college, how he feels he prepared for the transition, and the looming decision on whether he'll take his Mormon Mission...

Xavier Su'a-Filo, the freshman offensive lineman, who will start at left tackle, talked to us after practice this week.

On how he's feeling about where the offensive line is right now:

"I'm pretty comfortable with where we are right now. We still of course have 12 days to perfect it, but getting started with game prep, that's new for me. Saturday, before the scrimmage, we did the pre-game stuff, all of it, and it was hitting me all at once, reality, that it's here. If we can get a little more sharp on offense, we'll be fine."

On how different it is at this level:

"It's not high school, for sure. It's big time – the Pac-10. Being a freshman, I have to grow up real fast and have to calm down more."

On the challenge, physically:

"It's been everything that I thought it would be physically, as far as demanding. These are big strong boys. That's the difference over here, a little bit with the speed and the strength. Everyone is faster, everyone is stronger, so you have to be at the same level."

On being with the first-string offensive line from the first day of camp:

"I think I prepared myself well before I came in. There are a few things … during the season we only lift to maintain and so I've had to go in and do extra stuff myself to try and get above, because naturally I'm not as strong yet, but I will be. That will come."

On how often he was doing the extra work on his own:

"We lift twice a week, and so I tried to do it two more times each week, just go in. It was mainly upper body stuff. Strength for an offensive lineman, upper body, you've got to have it."

What is the latest with the mission?

"I'm just concentrating on the season right now - that's what I'm saying, but, yeah, it's still likely."

Do you have to decide by a certain date?

"No you don't. They recommend you...because they like you to go when you're 19. Right now, I'm just really concentrating on the season and I'll talk about it after."

So you can make that decision after the season?

"Yeah, for sure."

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