Wednesday Report, Neuheisel Comments

There were a couple more hamstring injuries Wednesday, and with a starting offensive lineman sitting out, there were some experiments going on with the first-string OL. RIck Neuheisel talked about the development of Kevin Prince, Johnathan Franklin and Milton Knox...

Receiver Gavin Ketchum strained a hamstring when chasing a pass and did not return to practice. His status will be reevaluated, but he could be out for a few days. Ketchum missed a few days and last Saturday's scrimmage due to a hamstring injury. 
Running back Milton Knox also appeared to strain a hamstring and missed the back half of practice. That strain is not as severe as the one Ketchum suffered.
Freshman offensive guard Stan Hasiak was held out of practice with the stinger in his neck/shoulder. He said that the injury was not that serious and that he expected to be back in practice on Thursday.

"It wasn't that bad. Usually when I catch stingers like that and my neck starts acting up, I just give it a little rest and I'll be fine," he said. ‘'The last time something like this happened it was way worse. It's nothing too much to worry about. The coaches are just taking precautionary measures to make sure it stays healthy."
Kyle Bosworth and Korey Bosworth remained out of practice. The grandfather they were visiting in Texas passed away on Tuesday night. The service will be on Friday and they are expected back in town on Saturday and in practice on Sunday.
Fullback Chane Moline did not practice because of a hip flexor injury.

Freshman h-back Morrell Presley returned to practice fully.

The No. 1 and No. 2 offenses ran two-minute drills at the end of practice. Both started with interceptions that were returned for touchdowns. Kevin Prince had a pass batted at the line by linebacker Sean Westgate and picked off by Datone Jones and Kevin Craft had a pass to the outside picked off by Andrew Abbott.
Damien Thigpen continued to get work with the No. 1 offense, which only begs the questiom: Just how many ways will offensive coordinator Norm Chow and the Bruins find to get the football into the hands of the speedster from Gainesville, Virg.?

"I feel like they're giving me the right amount because I feel like I'm learning everything, all the plays and everything. I'm getting a lot better as I'm progressing," Thigpen said. "I feel like I'm getting a good amount. I'm getting more reps, so that's helping me."
With Ketchum down, Antwon Moutra came off the scout team and got some reps with the No. 1 and No. 2 offenses.
With Hasiak on the sidelines, Mike Harris again was working with the No. 1 offense at right tackle and Jeff Baca was getting extra work at guard, taking reps with the No. 1 and No. 2 units. Brandon Bennett also got some reps at left guard with the first offense.
Here are Coach Rick Neuheisel's comments after practice:

"Another good day, especially I thought the kids really worked hard given the heat. I'm not sure what the heat is on this turf right now, but it's warm. For the guys to work as hard as they did, I thought was encouraging. We'll continue to push forward and gear up towards a Friday scrimmage at the Rose Bowl and see if we can't put some final nails into our depth chart at that part and then get ready in earnest for the Aztecs."
When you talk about running back by committee, is that purely situational?

"No, I think tailback by himself is more of the exception than anything else. That's just a hard position to go out and play every snap. Most teams have two and a lot have three and we're no exception to that. We have a lot of guys who are capable of doing some good things. It's just like putting another pitcher in a game, just a change up."
What have you seen from Johnathan Franklin and Milton Knox?

"I think they've both had great falls. You know, a year under their belt in the program, developing, gaining maturity, has all been good for them and I think they'll both play well when called upon."
Has Kevin Prince progressed as much as you would have hoped?

"Kevin has done a great job. I just want him to be more urgent about learning what defenses do, so that he's ahead of them rather than trying to catch up as the ball is snapped. You can't play that way."
Is that at the line of scrimmage?

"It's just him really studying it. But he's doing fantastic."
Any idea when the Bosworths are coming back?

"They'll be back for Sunday's practice. Unfortunately, their grandfather passed away (Tuesday) night. The service will be on Friday. They'll be back here on Saturday and be here for Sunday's practice. We wish them, as a program...we send our very best."
Do you find yourself pushing the quarterbacks more because you were one?

"Absolutely. But I also know having been a quarterback what's possible to know and it's not unfathomable to know more and that's it. I just want them to keep striving and grasping and so forth. The pressure of the game is close by, they have to be ready."
What are the positions you're still looking at on the depth chart?

"We want to solidify the receiver and running back spots, as far as who we're going to play and who we're going to focus on, and then we need to figure out also in our secondary the safeties and the corner situation. I know who our top guys are, but I want get the rest of those guys lined up. And also, the special teams depth chart needs to be looked into."
With the receivers, should we go by who's been on the scout team?

"I think that's close to accurate, but there is some three wide receiver stuff and we want to know who is going to be where."

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