Report on Friday's Short Scrimmage

UCLA scrimmaged for about 60 plays Friday at Spaulding Field, and it took the offense a while before they could get going. Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow said he's trying to get the best guys on the field, while quarterback Kevim Prince wants a "bigger sense of urgency"...

Defensive tackle Jess Ward, who will miss the opener against San Diego State with a sprained knee, was doing some straight ahead running before the scrimmage...
The offenses used a lot of two-tight-end formations, in some situations getting a bigger body and better blocker than they would by using one of their fullbacks.
‘'I think we owe it to the guys to put our best guys on the field and maybe that's the personnel grouping that allows us to do that and that's what we're trying to find out. We've got to find out pretty quick,'' offensive coordinator Norm Chow said.
It also creates some obvious match-up problems for opposing defenses with two tight ends on the field, given the versatility of those players.
 ‘'That's a position of strength there with Logan Paulsen, Nate ChandlerCory Harkey and Ryan Moya, we think that's a position that we can kind of take advantage of,'' Chow said...
There were no injuries reported in the scrimmage...
Jeff Baca started at left guard with the No. 1 offense, with freshman Stanley Hasiak running with the second team. Mike Harris was No. 1 at right tackle, where Baca had started camp...
The first time the No. 1 kickoff team was on the field, Jeff Locke kicked the ball out of bounds. They went from there to No. 1 offense against No. 2 defense and on the first play right guard Eddie Williams was called for a false start penalty...
Back-up punter Danny Rees got off a nice kick, but Terrence Austin ended up taking it back 70 yards for a touchdown...
Derrick Coleman did not have a particularly good day. He didn't do much with two carries and also whiffed badly in protection on one play, allowing freshman defensive end Iuta Tepa in on the quarterback...
Freshman receiver Ricky Marvray, on the second kickoff return team, muffed a kick in the end zone and instead of taking a touchback tried to return it. He ended up fumbling it away when hit...
Kevin Prince hit Moya with a nice pass in the left seam, but in a game the play would have been nullified by an illegal formation penalty. On the next snap, Milton Knox was called for a false start...
Prince on the scrimmage: ‘'I feel like it went all right. We kind of struggled again moving the ball early and I feel like I didn't make too many mental errors or anything. More what we were trying to work on today was just getting to the line of scrimmage and getting the plays called on time and getting substitutions in and out, kind of mimicking what a real game is going to be like. I feel like we did a decent job of that – I don't think we had any delay of game penalties or anything, so it was good in that sense. But there needs to be a bigger sense of urgency to get going. We were slow until the third or fourth series when we finally started moving the ball. We've got to get going from the very start.''
Kicker Kai Forbath, who has been held out of some practices, kicked a 47-yard field goal and also handled some kickoffs...
The stats:
  Kevin Prince – 8 of 12, 69 yards, one interception
  Kevin Craft – 3 of 6, 26 yards, one touchdown
  Richard Brehaut – 2 of 4, 37 yards
  Nick Crissman – 1 of 3, 27 yards
  Jonathan Franklin – 5 for 32 yards
  Milton Knox – 6 for 7 yards, one touchdown
  Derrick Coleman – 2 for 2 yards
  Damien Thigpen – 5 for 33 yards, one touchdown
  Demetrius Papadakis – 4 for 35 yards, one touchdown
  Craig Sheppard – 5 for 12 yards
  Taylor Embree –203 for 11 yards
  Ryan Moya – 2 for 19 yards
  Morrell Presley – 2 for 36 yards, one touchdown
  Antwon Moutra – 2 for 37 yards
  Jerry Rice Jr. – 1 for 27 yards
Scoring plays:
  Presley 15-yard pass from Craft
  Knox 1-yard run
  Thigpen 15-yard run
Coach Rick Neuheisel after the scrimmage:
‘'I thought it was a good scrimmage, when you get to play 60 plays and you're eight days away from a game, and get to thud with tired legs and all that kind of stuff and bang around, I think that it was good. I saw what I needed to see. I think guys realize that we're not game-ready yet and I think that's a call to arms over the weekend while they get a little rest and we should have great spirited practices on Monday, Tuesday and on through the week. I just like where we are. I think people are growing, I think people are starting to get comfortable. It was important to get more game-like activity today.''

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