Neuheisel's Game Week Presser

Rick Neuheisel took questions from the media Monday in his first game-week press conference of the season, talking about his optimism, the depth chart and the talent heading into the San Diego State game, Kevin Prince's readiness, and more...

Rick Neuheisel held his first game-week press conference of the season Monday. Below is the video of it.

The press conference followed a morning practice in which the team looked very good.

The offense, in particular, looked sharp, especially quarterback Kevin Prince, who threw very accurately all practice.

Kyle Bosworth and Korey Bosworth were back at practice, after missing last week due to their grandfather's funeral.

There were a few scary moments in practice. On one play, receiver Morrell Presley caught a ball and went out of bounds, and took out Aaron Hester, who was standing on the sideline. Hester's knee was tweaked as a result of the collision.

There was also one roll out where Prince hopped to throw the ball and looked like he came down awkwardly on his knee.

Both Hester and Prince continued to practice.

The practice consisted of a great deal of game plan installation, and then situational scrimmaging.

There was a first at practice: The sure-handed Taylor Embree got chewed out for the first time in our memory for dropping a ball after going up for it with one hand.

As Neuheisel discusses in the video below, it appears that Kevin Craft is getting the reps as the #2 quarterback.

Jeff Baca took almost all of the snaps with the #1 OL at left guard, with Mike Harris at right tackle, while freshman Stan Hasiak was with the 2s at left guard.

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