Revised 2009 Team Recruiting Rankings

With kickoff for the 2009 season a matter of hours away, let's take a revised look at the recruiting rankings for the Class of 2009 based on who reported to campus after attrition has taken its toll...

From grayshirts to baseball to academic casualties, the dream that is the Class of 2009 on National Signing Day undergoes inevitable changes when it comes time to suit up for games in September.

Scout takes a look back at the Class of 2009 and re-ranks the classes once attrition is factored in. Scout tries to limit the effect of attrition by limiting the amount of players counted towards the Team Rankings in February to the Top 25 players, so a team that signs 30 players may not see a drastic drop in the rankings after losing five, since Scout didn't count all 30 players in February. 

The most drastic example of this policy in action would be Ole Miss. Ole Miss signed 37 players in February and lost 10 to attrition. Scout only counted 25 players from Ole Miss' Class in February, enrolled nearly all of its high profile targets, and held steady with a national ranking of 17th in the country.

Not all teams sign over 25 players though (and no SEC team will be allowed to oversign as dramatically in the future), so there will be some shuffling among the Top Classes. Let's take a look at how the Class of 2009 shook out post-attrition.

There was virtually a three way tie at the top of the Scout rankings with Ohio State, LSU, and Alabama all having a legitimate claim to the top spot in the country. For the star gazers, Ohio State enrolled 24 players at 3.79 stars per player (s.p.p.), LSU enrolled 24 at 3.79 spp, and Alabama enrolled 23 at 3.78 spp.

While the star ratings are a key component in the team rankings, another key component is the position ranking. A three star player ranked 15th at his position is considerably more valuable than a player with three stars ranked 70th.

Team Enrolled Stars Per
Ohio State 24 3.79
LSU 24 3.79
Alabama 23 3.78
Ohio State held on to the No. 1 spot in Scout's Team Rankings by virtue of enrolling nearly a full class of prep players (no junior college players) and having 14 players ranked in the Top 15 at their positions. LSU signed the most five star prospects in the country (5) and included 11 players ranked in the Top 15 at their positions. Alabama enrolled a whopping 15 four and five star players and finished just behind LSU by the slimmest of margins after losing four players to attrition.

Three of the Top 5 teams didn't lose a single player to attrition over the summer. LSU, Georgia, and Texas enrolled all of its signees from February. Georgia and Texas enrolled classes that matched the Top 3 in quality, but the Top 3 were able to bring in several more high caliber players to flush out its list of enrollees.

USC moves up a couple of spots with a stunning 4.0 s.p.p., the highest in the country. USC's 13 five star and four star enrollees placed it fifth most in the country.  

Lane Kiffin and Tennessee had a remarkable first class in what is normally a transition year. The Vols lose 3-Star wide receiver James Green, but managed to bring in the No. 1 running back in the nation, Bryce Brown and tied USC with 13 five star and four star players.

Oklahoma went heavy on defense in the Class of 2009 and is bringing in all of its key contributors including five star linebacker Ronnell Lewis and Top 5 outside linebacker Tom Wort.

UCLA held onto a spot in the Top 10 despite some attrition on the strength of bringing in nine players on the Scout 300 including No. 1 tight end Morrell Presley.

Rounding out the Top 10, Stanford was a team that just wouldn't go away during the 2009 recruiting season. The Cardinal got off to a strong start, including five star linebacker Shayne Skov, and as is typical, didn't lose any players to attrition. 

North Carolina is the team that may have been hit the hardest by attrition. The Tar Heels planned for some of the attrition by oversigning by four players, but losing high profile signees like Justin Dixon, Johnnie Farms, and Donavan Tate dropped North Carolina double digit spots in the Revised Rankings.

Of Scout's five star prospects, only Missouri's Sheldon Richardson did not enroll with his team. 20009 Enrolled Team Rankings
Sept . Feb. Team Key Losses*
1 1 Ohio State Carlos Hyde
2 3 LSU None
3 2 Alabama Petey Smith, Anthony Orr
4 4 Georgia None
5 7 Texas None
6 9 USC Frankie Telfort
7 8 Tennessee James Green
8 10 Oklahoma Terry Franklin
9 5 UCLA Brandon Warner, Lester White
10 15 Stanford None
11 14 Michigan None
12 21 Florida None
13 12 Texas A&M Chris Henderson
14 11 Penn State Darrell Givens
15 23 Notre Dame None
16 19 Mississippi State None
17 17 Ole Miss Willie Ferrell, Artice Kellam
18 6 North Carolina Justin Dixon, Johnnie Farms
19 13 South Carolina Leon Mackey, Duane Chisolm
20 18 Florida State C.J. Mizell, Willie Downs
21 20 Arkansas Terrell Williams, Turrell Williams
22 22 West Virginia Deon Long, Tevita Finau
23 24 Miami (Fl) Malcolm Bunche, Prince Kent
24 16 Auburn Terrance Coleman, B. Jacobs
25 29 Rutgers Added Darrell Givens
26 26 Oregon Avery Patterson
27 32 Georgia Tech None
28 28 Maryland Lorne Goree, David Mackall
29 30 Texas Tech James Scott
30 25 South Florida Adaris Bellamy, Kamran Joyer
31 37 Michigan State None
32 33 Nebraska Deandre Byrd
33 31 Pittsburgh Todd Thomas
34 34 Cal Markish Jones
35 42 Clemson None
36 36 Arizona State Gregory Smith
37 27 Kentucky Donte Rumph, Terrell Mitchell
38 35 Illinois Cornellius Carradine 
39 41 Virginia Tech Duan Perez-Means 
40 45 Oklahoma State None
41 39 NC State Raynard Randolph 
42 51 Wisconsin None
43 44 Baylor Enrico Forbes
44 47 Arizona Ryan Milus
45 52 Duke None
46 50 Kansas Darian Kelly 
47 46 Minnesota Hasan Lipscomb 
48 40 BYU Kyle Van Noy, Adam Hine
49 56 Wake Forest None
50 38 Missouri Sheldon Richardson

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