McCallum Dives Back Into Recruitment

Ray McCallum, the highly-sought point guard from Michigan, has some tough decisions to make, but none tougher than deciding to play for his dad or head off to a high-major program. McCallum breaks down his recruitment for us...

After spending 10 days in Spain with his father's team, Detroit, Ray McCallum has returned to the states ready to figure out the recruiting process.

McCallum, who starts school on September 8th, will begin in-home visits on the 10th with Florida. On the 11th UCLA will come in and Arizona stop by on the 14th. There are also plans to do in-home visits with Oklahoma, Miami, Minnesota and Notre Dame.

Although he hasn't set up an in-home with the Sooners, he has scheduled an official visit to Norman (Okla.) for September 19th, and is in the process of setting up three others.

"I might have one set up to go to UCLA this month," McCallum said. "They'll come in on September 11th and we'll probably get it set up then. I plan on going to Florida and Arizona next month in October."

McCallum, the No. 7 rated point guard in 2010, isn't claiming favorites, but it sounds like Oklahoma, UCLA, Arizona and Florida have done a great job recruiting him thus far.

"Those four schools right there, I mean I don't really have a leader, but it's like them and my dad (Detroit) is five," McCallum said. "Then other schools are recruiting me like Miami, Minnesota and Notre Dame."

McCallum spent the entire spring and summer on the road playing in event after event then he left for Spain in August. Now he finally has some time at home and has a few decisions to make.

"I'm starting to get more serious with it now," McCallum said. "I still don't know if I'm going to sign early or late. I don't know if I'll sign early, but depending when I get all of these visits done, I could, but I just don't think I will."

"I kind of want to see the schools play a little bit during the season," he added. "I think I might end up committing during the end of the year or maybe in December or something like that. Just so I can get a better feel for their style of play and the guys they have."

McCallum's college decision is a tough one any way you shake it. But with his father the head coach at Detroit, he's got an even tougher task at hand, as he's yet to decide if he wants to play for his father or play at a high major program.

"I've thought about it and I was just with him and his team in Spain for 10 days," the Detroit (Mich.) Country Day standout said. "I always think about whether I should go play for him or go to one of these big time schools. It's going to be a tough decision."

"He's been my coach pretty much my whole life and he's taught me everything that I've learned," he said. "That right there makes everything tough. I just got to find the best fit for me. That's why I think it's going to take a little more time to figure it all out."

"It's up to me," he added. "He doesn't pressure me at all and he never says ‘you need to come play for me' or anything like that. He always tells me to do what I want to do and he talks about other schools too. I don't feel any pressure to play for him."

McCallum, a 6-foot-1, 165-pound floor general, is a four-star prospect and checked in at No. 26 in's 2010 latest rankings.

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