West Coast 2010 Rankings: Centers

Josh Smith, Brandon Cataldo and Jordan Railey are among the top big men in the west for 2010...

The 2010 centers in the west are a solid group, if lacking a bit in elite talent. Smith is easily the top center in the west and one of the best in the country. He's got very good hands, with surprising nimbleness for a big-bodied kid and he figures to be an impact player right away in college. Cataldo isn't well known outside of the west, but he's a terrific prospect. No offense to Portland State, or the Big Sky, but Cataldo is an absolute steal at that level. Railey is a very intriguing prospect with a nice frame and developing offensive skills. Fajemisin is another big-bodied kid that has a chance to be pretty good if he can tone up his body. McArthur plays as hard as anyone in the class and he figures to impact early at Santa Clara.

1) Josh Smith, 6-9, Kent (Wash.) Kentwood
2) Brandon Cataldo, 6-9, Rainier (Ore.) High Portland State
3) Jordan Railey, 6-9, Beaverton (Ore.) High
4) Simi Fajemisin, 6-9, Lynwood (Wash.) High
5) Johnny McArthur, 6-8, Concord (Calif.) De La Salle Santa Clara
6) Alex Kirk, 6-10, Los Alamos (New Mexico) High
7) John Ryan, 6-8, El Segundo (Calif.) High
8) Darrel Haley, Jr., 6-9, Palmdale (Calif.) High
9) Michael Kurtz, 6-10, Roseville (Calif.) Woodcreek
10) Dennis Kramer, 6-8, Carlsbad (Calif.) La Costa Canyon

Other Centers Of Note:

Josh Amaya, 6-8, Gilbert (Ariz.) Mesquite
Shelton Black, 6-8, Compton (Calif.) High
Ben Clifford, 6-9, South Jordan (Utah) Bingham Utah State
Malik Heptot, 6-8, Goleta (Calif.) Dos Pueblos
James "Deuce" Johnson, 6-6, North Hollywood (Calif.) Campbell Hall
Reggie Murphy, 6-7, Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester
Ryan Nicholas, 6-6, Spokane (Wash.) Gonzaga Prep Portland
Ryan Okwudibonye, 6-6, Huntington Beach (Calif.) Ocean View

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