Brehaut: "Finally Get My Shot"

The true freshman quarterback, Richard Brehaut, talked about getting most of the reps with the first-string at Tuesday's practice, how it would be to start as a true freshman, whether he's prepared, and more...

Richard Brehaut:

Are you ready to start?
‘'Yeah. I feel like as long as I put in the time this week and I get all my reps that, yeah. I came in early so I could get this opportunity. I feel like I finally got my shot so I've just got to prepare and just go out there and have some fun.''
Do you think you would be ready if you hadn't come in for spring ball?
‘'It would have taken a lot of extra hours, so I couldn't really say if I could have been ready or not. But coming in the spring definitely without a doubt made me 100 percent ready for this.''
What were you doing a year ago at this time?
‘'A year ago at this time? Playing high school football … just worrying about my next opponent in high school football.''
How is that different now?
‘'A lot more hours. A lot more hours, definitely, you know, preparation wise, just watching film, spending time with the coaches … a lot more complex defenses, you could say.''
Does it give you any more confidence to know there are more true freshmen out there playing?

‘'I know Matt (Barkley) and Tate (Forcier) pretty well just through recruiting and all that, so I mean, seeing them out there doing well, I was just hoping I could maybe get an opportunity to show what I've got like they have. They've proven themselves so now it's my time to prove myself.''
Have you talked to Matt at all?
‘'I haven't really been in contact with Matt, just because … I shot him a text but I think his number might have got changed, so … It said the number that I was trying to reach wasn't a number any more.''
What are you getting from the coaches as far as making a decision?
‘'There hasn't really been a quick decision as of right now. They just said that, you know, prepare with the 1s, you're going to get the first look for the 1s, so I got the first shot (Tuesday). I just have to go out there and prepare myself and just make sure that I'm ready.''
You got some playing time against San Diego State. How much do you think that helped you?
‘'That definitely helped a lot, just getting out there and just feeling what it's like to call plays in the huddle, get to the line of scrimmage, run some plays. I think that definitely helped a lot. I mean, it wasn't that many plays so I can't say that it prepared me for this but it definitely helped get the jitters off a little bit and to know what it's like to be out there.''
Why do you think you should start?
‘'I think I worked hard and as long as I can prove myself and prove myself on the practice field and show everyone what I've got, I think that should be enough to prove that I should get it.''
Would you rather know sooner rather than later?
‘'No, because like I said that wouldn't change my preparation at all. No matter what, if I am the 1 or the 2, I'm going to prepare like I'm the 1 so I don't think that matters.''
Coach Neuheisel said that both of you might play. Do you like that idea?
‘'You know what, when I'm in there I'm going to make the most of my opportunities so it really doesn't matter to me if I'm going first or if I'm going second. I'm just going to get in there, just lead the team and make plays.''
Is it hard going into the huddle right now, feeling like you can take charge?
‘'No, it feels pretty natural actually. I felt pretty comfortable (Tuesday) and the guys are out there supporting me, so it feels good to have the teammates, the seniors, behind me and having faith in me. I felt comfortable today, yeah.''
What are they doing to show that support?
‘'Just telling me I'm doing OK, just keep it up. You know, if I make a nice play, just let me know I made a nice play. If I do something wrong, let me know how to fix it. Just stay on top of me and making sure I'm doing the right thing.''
They laugh at all your jokes now?
‘'No, not yet. Still trying …''
Do you feel if you do well, you're in competition for a starting job with Kevin Prince?
‘'You know, I can't make that decision. That's for Coach Neuheisel to decide. But I'm just going to go out there while Kev is gone and do the best to make sure the offense doesn't miss a beat and make sure we keep going on this path, you know, 2-0, we want to get that third win.''
Where have you progressed the most?
‘'Probably just my understanding of the offense. Probably just knowing what I should do on this play, knowing the protections schemes, the routes, stuff like that.''

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