Craft: "Not Thinking About Last Year"

With Kevin Prince out at quarterback, Kevin Craft might get a chance to play this Saturday. He talks about the possibility, what he's doing to prepare for it, and how this season is different than last year for him, and for the team...

Quarterback Kevin Craft spoke to us after practice Tuesday.

How badly do you want another shot at this?
‘'I think every quarterback in that room wants to be on that field. If you play football you've got to be competitive, so I think everybody wants to be out there and I think Richard and I are doing everything that we can to be ready.''
Do you worry that last year hurts you at all?
‘'I'm not worried about last year at all. We're two games into our season, we're all focused on our third game and all last year means to me is I have 12 games and I'm more relaxed when I'm out on the field and I'm more familiar with the offense. I'm not thinking about last year at all.''
Are you more relaxed?
‘'Yeah, I think so. I've been around all these guys for a year and a half, the coaches, and you know, when plays come in I know what they're thinking. I don't think it's a learning curve anymore where you're going, ‘Oh, OK, well, he's calling this so I think I should go backside because..."...Well … stuff like that. Just more calm and a little more … I know what certain receivers can do, I think everybody is improved – our line, our backs. Our backs have been playing very really well for us. It's just like any other position – one guy goes down, you close ranks.''
It makes a big difference, doesn't it, that comfort level?
‘'Oh yeah. I can remember when I had my first start at San Diego State against BYU and the first time I went on the field. I was a little nervous until I got my first hit. I think now I know what to expect out there. I've been though it plenty of times. It's good.''
Would you rather know earlier this week rather than later?
‘'It doesn't matter to me because I'm approaching the week like I'm going to start, regardless of what happens.''
What about practice. Does it feel any different with what's at stake?
‘'Well, I mean, just as far as the reps. I get a little more reps right now. I get more looks. But last week, this week, five weeks from now, it's all going to be the same as far as how I prepare for a game.''
Is it hard not to press?
‘'No, because like I said, it's the experience, coming back, I've been through it all as far as picks and turnovers and the whole nine. I think I know what the coaches expect and that's the way I have to play.''
Do the struggles you had last year motivate you?
‘'I'm not worried about last year. It's behind us, and I think the only thing everybody on the team worries about right now is Kansas State, not 4-8. Yeah, 4-8 pisses us off, but it's not a thought anymore. The thought is, we have a game ahead of us and that's all we can control. We can't control what happened last year any more.''

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