Maurice Drew is a Bruin

The #6 running back prospect in the country, <b>Maurice Drew</b>, said that he knew in his heart that UCLA was the place for him. Having just returned from his official trip, he called up UCLA when he came through the door and committed...

Maurice Drew, 5-9, 190, Concord (Calif.) De La Salle, said he is a Bruin.


"I just came home a few minutes ago and called UCLA and told them I was committing," Drew said. "Today, when I left from my visit, I told them I was really considering it seriously, and then when I came home I called coach Bieniemy and coach Dorrell and told them I wanted to be a Bruin."


He said he had a great trip, but it was more of a feeling that made him know he wanted to go to UCLA. "Everyone says that you have to get that feeling, that you know in your heart. I knew it in my heart. It just hit me. I knew I had to go there."


The new coaching staff, Drew said, were huge influences. "Coach Bieniemy, coach Embree and coach Dorrell were all big factors in my decision. I feel really comfortable with them, like that's where I belong.  When they got to UCLA, it made a big change in my mind.  Coach Bieniemy, he was a great running back in college, and I want to be like him. And I really think he can help me the best."


Drew said that UCLA the school, too, was a good fit for him. "When I got there, everything was just great. There's so much to do. I met so many people. There's also so much diversity there. And it's in a great area. And it's a great education. You couldn't want anything else in a school.'


Tyler Ebell and Manuel White hosted Drew and he said the two current Bruin running backs were great hosts. "I got along with them great," he said. "You can tell that there's a lot of respect between them. And they told me, along with the coaches, that I'll be able to come in and compete. Wherever you go you're going to have to compete. But coaches told me that the best man plays. That's all I want, is a fair chance."


When it comes to his buddies from the CaliFlorida game, Drew said he didn't do much recruiting of them on the visit. "I didn't talk to them too much about it," he said. "But Kevin Brown and Junior Lemau'u, they'll make their own decisions. I've talked to Kevin a bit, and he was going to decide later on this week. And junior said later on this week, too. I think we have a really good chance with them. Then I want to start recruiting the juniors at De La Salle."


Drew said not only does it feel good to get the decision over with, but that it was a decision he was sure about. "I just wanted to know in my heart, and that's what I knew.  I feel really good about it, and there's no chance I could change my mind."

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