Craft: "I Play for Guys on the Team"

The back-up senior quarterback, Kevin Craft, talked after the Kansas State game from the locker room. He spoked about getting good pass protection, his mindset after last season, and the mental toughness it takes to play the game...

Post-game comments from Kevin Craft:

Must have been nice, having the running game working the way it was …
‘'Any time that you can run the ball it makes it easier to throw. That's always a plus. It was a team thing. Johnathan Franklin was running good, Derrick Coleman was running good and the line had them blocked up.''
Do you think you have this job locked up for the next two weeks?
‘'No, I think there's always competition. Richard Brehaut is chomping at the bit. He wants to get in there just as bad as I do. We all prepare like we're going to play, so I think you want to be ready.''
When did they tell you that you would be starting?
‘'I was getting some reps a couple of days before and then they told me when we were getting ready for the Thursday practice. It was towards the later part of the week. But they also said that they could put Richard in there. He could go in there at any time, too. I know he was just as ready as I was.''
Are you tied of fielding questions about last year?
‘'Last year is behind us. We can't control anything that happened last year, all we can control is this year and, I mean, that's the way I've been approaching it and the way the team has. We're 3-0, we've got a bye week, so we need to improve on some things and get ready for conference.''
How much did you worry that might not get another chance?
‘'You know, I don't really have that mindset ... I just kind of felt like I would get a chance to get back out there this year. I don't want to see a guy go down like Kev did. I know his spirits are still high and he can't wait to get back, but it's also really fun to get out there, too.''
Do you think people understand what goes through a quarterback's head in that situation?
‘'I've talked to a lot of people who have played the quarterback position and been through it … my dad, for one. He went through the same kind of thing his senior year and got a chance to play and they ended up going 10-1, after the first game that they lost. He was kind of laughing when I was telling him I was going to play. He said, ‘This is kind of like my senior year.' ‘'
How does it feel to be out there with the protection you had?
‘'It's good. Those guys, they've been working hard the whole off-season and those guys, they deserve the majority of the credit.''
Not to blame anybody, but you feel if you were protected a little better last year …
‘'I mean, I don't think I ever doubted myself last year. I knew what I could do. I still think I'm playing the same way. My reads are the same. I still throw the ball the same. I'm the same guy. The team is just playing good.''
You've taken a lot of hits and keep coming back. What do you attribute that to?
‘'There's a lot of things. You know, I play for the guys on the team and I know if I'm in there I have to get up and keep doing it and give it my best. I think the way I was raised has a lot to do with it. The fact that my dad, and what he instilled in us when we were kids. His biggest thing was being mentally and physically tough. That's like his No. 1 thing. It's just the way I was raised and who I've been around and the guys on the team. I'll take all the shots I have to for the guys, if we can come out on top.''
You had a lot of success in the pocket, but when you moved you had some errant throws.
‘'You know, they couldn't stop our naked game at all. We could have run it to the end of the game. I think we did a good job with that. But when we were dropping back and throwing, they weren't pressuring me. There were just a couple of times, we had a couple of screens on and we had to throw hot because they had the perfect blitz on. The same thing, they had a corner blitz on the one that Nelson Rosario one-handed. I turned my head around and the guy was coming. There was one there at the end I wish I would have just run. But, oh well. You always wish you had a couple back, but that's football.''
It must have been nice to sit there with time.
‘'It was awesome …''

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