Chow, Maiava on K-State Game

Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow and sophomore center Kai Maiava talked about the Kansas State game, with Chow discussing the play-calling and the performance of Kevin Craft. Maiava discussed how the offensive line is coming together...

Kai Maiava from the locker room:

You guys had a lot of success running the ball, protected well …
‘'Just knowing the fact that we lost Kevin Prince last week against Tennessee, and a couple of our other offensive starters. We took some blows, so we knew we had to run the ball to establish a passing game and I think the o-line did good. I think the tight ends and everyone was blocking and we did a good job today.''
Are you disappointed you didn't run the ball more, the way you were getting into them?
‘'There were a few situation where I wish we would have run the ball, but Coach (Norm) Chow is the mastermind, whatever he says goes, so … There's always times you want to run the ball more, but it's a victory and I'm just happy that we came out on top.''
After they scored there in the third quarter to make it 13-9, you came out and threw it three times and had to punt …
‘'We just have to execute the plays, whether we run or pass. If we pass three times, we have to get three completions. I think overall we did a good job. We still have to fix some small errors and come back ready to practice next week.''
The errors, you've got to feel like you're getting close …
‘'We're real close. There's just some assignments that we keep messing up. But we're real close. I like the way our team is coming together. We came real close over camp and these games. Just winning puts us closer together, because we start developing trust in one another instead o pointing fingers. We have a good thing going and hopefully we can keep it up and get this Pac-10.''
The bye week coming at a good time to get some of that stuff cleaned up?
‘'This bye week couldn't come at a better time. Three games preseason, now we get this bye to fix up everything, prepare for Stanford and the conference season. I know our guys are pumped and ready to start banging again and try to get another ‘W' when we go up to Stanford.''
The things you need to fix, is it one particular thing you're struggling with?
‘'There's a few things. They gave us a lot of different fronts today than what we studied on film, so we had to make some game-time adjustments. But that will happen. People will change up their stuff because they know that's what you're watching. We faced a lot of fronts that we weren't expecting, but I tho ught we handled it well and fixed it on the sidelines. (Coach Bob) Palcic drew it up and we kept rolling.''

Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow:

How did you think Kevin Craft did?

‘'Well, I thought he played pretty well. You know, he managed pretty well. We kind of hit that little slump at the start of the third quarter, you know, he hurried a couple throws, which is typical when you're kind of first shot out of the box. But I thought he handled it real well. We're going to have to see the film, the tape, but I thought he handled the game well.''

When did you guys tell him that he was going to be the starter?

‘'Thursday, I think … in the evening. I think he had an idea. We split the reps up the first couple of days and then gave him a little more as the week went along. It's hard to play with two quarterbacks. You kind of have to make decisions and that's how it turned out.''

Was there a plan as to how you were going to use the two guys? Were you going to try to get both guys in the game?

‘'You're trying to win the game, however the thing works out. And you never know how it's going to work out. Right? Like it did tonight, when the other guy didn't get a shot ... that's the way it goes. We owe it to the other guys in the entire football program to win a football game, not to juggle quarterbacks and give everybody a chance.''

How did the two of them, especially Richard Brerhaut, practice this week?

‘'They both practiced real well. Richard understood. He was real good about everything. They both practiced very hard. They're good friends. We have a nice room when we have meetings. They support one another.''

Was it a bit of a bummer to not get Richard in a little bit?

‘'Well, yeah, because he certainly deserves a chance, but so do a lot of other guys. The backup linemen … everyone deserves a chance to play, but you have to understand, the idea is to try to win and try to do the best you can.''

How about Jonathan Franklin tonight?

‘'I thought he played well, other than that last fumble. You know, he did that last week as well, and he can't do that. I think he knows that. You know, he's awfully young as well. We do play a bunch of guys at that position, you need to in order to get through the season and keep them all fresh. Other than that last … laying that ball on the ground, that's not acceptable.''

Is there anything you point to with the fumbles?

‘'No, he's not trying to fumble. I think what he's trying to do, probably, is try to do too much. We always tell him, just do what you have to do. You don't have to do any more than you've done all week in practice. It seems like he might have been trying to do too much.''

The deep balls, the set up on that?

‘'Well, the game plan was to win and we had run that formation and run the ball so much, it was nice that it worked out like that. Nice to finally see a deep pass, huh?''

Craft made some nice throws from the pocket, but when he was on the move was more erratic …

‘'There was one … we have a blitz check and I'm not so sure that was the proper blitz check. The linemen saw the blitz and so we checked out of it, but I don't think we blocked it right, so he was scrambling. Other than that one, I don't know. We tried to get him outside a little bit. He's better sitting in there, but you've got to move him around a little bit or people can get a bead on you. But he was good.''

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