Scout on the Road in the West

Nobody sees as much talent each week than the recruiting team, and the West analysts were on the road watching some of the nation's best for in-person evalations, including a UCLA-committed recruit and many UCLA prospects...

Scout West On The Road
Devontae Booker – Running Back – Grant (CA) - 2010
Final Score: Grant 14, Bellevue 0

Scout's Take: For the second straight year, Booker shined in a big game with major implications. The all-state running back as a junior last year, Booker was a big part of Grant's win over Long Beach Poly for the state title. Fast forward to 2009, and he was the man again for Grant in their win over Bellevue. He rushed for 125 yards, and had another 40 yards or so receiving. He's quick to the outside, has excellent cutback ability and great field vision. Not huge as a back, he still gets great YAC. If Grant is going to repeat, they'll need similar performances out of Booker this year. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Interest and letters from some Pac-10 schools but no offers.
Jase Butorac – Offensive Tackle – Skyline (WA) - 2010
Final Score: Oaks Christian 28, Skyline 25

Scout's Take: Butorac, at left tackle, was responsible for taking Alani Fua out of his comfort zone. He didn't get the better of the 6-foot-5 DE for the Lions, but did do a much better job of matching Fua's speed and athleticism in the second half. -- Chris Fetters

Recruiting: Butorac has a handful of offers, including BYU.
Codey Ellenwood – Fullback – Foothill (CA) - 2010
Final Score: Foothill 15, Union 9

Scout's Take: Ellenwood is a bruiser, who looks like a classic fullback in college. He's not going down on the first or second hit, but he might on the third, depending on how many defenders are draped over him. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Interest and letters from some Pac-10 schools.
Alani Fua – Defensive End – Oaks Christian (CA) - 2010
Final Score: Oaks Christian 28, Skyline 25

Scout's Take: Fua is primarily a part of the Lions' defensive attack, but on this night, he did all of his damage on offense. While he was still plenty active on defense, forcing a fumble the first play of the game and recording two sacks, it was his two touchdown receptions, including his second one, an athletic catch he went up the sideline for to outrun the Skyline defenders, that were the difference in the game for the Lions. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Committed to BYU.
Jake Heaps – Quarterback – Skyline (WA) - 2010
Final Score: Oaks Christian 28, Skyline 25

Scout's Take: Yes, Jake threw for 275 yards and was a few completions away from finishing a startling comeback, but it was what people didn't see behind the scenes that set his performance apart. Heaps caught the flu the night before, and couldn't hold anything down, so he was as sick as a dog during the game. Yet, as his teammate Kasen Williams said, Jake Heaps is a soldier. He kept it together for his team and his teammates, and almost pulled out the shocker. It would have been a legendary performance; as it stands, it was merely terrific. -- Chris Fetters

Recruiting: Committed to BYU.
Erik Kohler – Offensive Tackle – Oaks Christian (CA) - 2010
Final Score: Oaks Christian 28, Skyline 25

Scout's Take: The top tackle prospect in California just LOOKS the part, and then on the field, he backed it up, having a very good overall game, despite Skyline trying to stack the box to stop Malcolm Jones. Kohler does a great job in pass protection, with quick, active hands doing a good job of keeping his defender at bay. Kohler also saw some time on defense, particularly the final drive of the night for Oaks. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Committed to Washington.
Malcolm Jones – Running Back – Oaks Christian (CA) - 2010
Final Score: Oaks Christian 28, Skyline 25

Scout's Take: Like several of his teammates, Jones had to play both ways the entire evening, and you could tell the wear and tear was taking its toll. That is until Jones reached paydirt in the fourth quarter, when he shot through the line and broke off a big touchdown run that game the Lions their 28th point, to make it 28-17 at that point in the game, and ultimately be the deciding edge. You would have thought Jones would have seen the ball more the final two drives for Oaks, as they tried to drain clock, but they surprisingly went to the air, instead of letting the powerful back issue some hits and run the clock out. Jones isn't just power though, as his two runs that included hurdling over Skyline defenders (and drew a flag the second time for, well, hurdling). -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: between Stanford and UCLA sometime in the next two weeks.
Cassius Marsh – Defensive Tackle – Oaks Christian (CA) - 2010
Final Score: Oaks Christian 28, Skyline 25

Scout's Take: Marsh had a rough night, getting double teamed most of the game, and getting chop blocked a couple times. He went down at least three times during the game, with either cramps or a shot to the knee. When he was in, though, he had some good moments, especially in the first quarter, bringing a lot of heat up the middle. Marsh also spent a good number of snaps on offense. But he sat much of the fourth quarter, much to his chagrin. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Visiting California, Oklahoma, LSU and Arizona State and still considering USC and UCLA.
Viliami Moala – Defensive Tackle – Grant (CA) - 2011
Final Score: Grant 14, Bellevue 0

Scout's Take: An all-state super sophomore in 2008, Moala is now one of the elite defensive tackle prospects in the West for next year's class. He's a load to block up front, going around 320, but has a very quick first step, the strength to go along with it, making it a long night for the Bellevue interior line. Moala was so active up front, that Bellevue had to start rotating linemen to keep up with him and he was constantly double-teamed but still shut down Bellevue's vaunted running game. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Likes Oregon and Cal and some schools said they'll offer after the season.
Nick Montana – Quarterback – Oaks Christian (CA) - 2010
Final Score: Oaks Christian 28, Skyline 25

Scout's Take: Montana started off really strong, utilizing Trey Smith and Alani Fua, his slot receiver and tight end, effectively. His first two series, he looked poised and polished, especially in finding Smith. Montana is a gamer, not unlike his famous father. He did rush a couple of throws and had a couple of bad picks, but he did a good job of spreading the ball around. Oaks didn't use the deep pass as much as normal, but that was just fine for Montana, who was steady in the passing game. More importantly, he showed his game management skills, and is now 17-0 as a varsity starter. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Committed to Washington.
Julious Moore – Defensive Tackle – Bellevue (WA) - 2010
Final Score: Grant 14, Bellevue 0

Scout's Take: Moore did his part for the Wolverines, shutting down the inside rushing attack of Grant, so the Pacers had to bounce outside more. When Grant would pass, Moore was constantly in their quarterback's face, recording two sacks and two tackles for loss. He's quick off the ball, and does a good job of playing with a low pad level. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Committed to UCLA.
Jordan Payton – Wide Receiver – Oaks Christian (CA) - 2012
Final Score: Oaks Christian 28, Skyline 25

Scout's Take: The early frontrunner for top prospect in the class of 2012, Payton wasn't as involved in the Oaks offense as was expected, but when he was, he made the big play. His best play of the evening came late in the fourth quarter, where he used his speed to burst off the line then made a great catch to pick up a first down on Skyline's side of the field. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Has verbal offers from Florida International and Akron but as he gets older, expect his offer list to be remarkable.
Ronald Powell – Defensive End – Rancho Verde (CA) - 2010
Final Score: Rancho Verde 44, Murrieta Valley 42

Scout's Take: Scout's No. 2 defensive end lined up almost exclusively at middle linebacker on Friday night for his Rancho Verde team. Powell's athleticism is obvious as soon as he walks on the field, but he's not as instinctive from linebacker as he was productive from defensive end. Powell made his biggest impact when Murrieta Valley would run wide and he could use his speed to chase down ball carriers. Murrietta had a great deal of success running right up the middle and forcing Powell to take on a block while making a read. Powell lined up a few plays at defensive end and showed his trademark burst as well as a strong rip move to get under and around an offensive tackle. Powell is a big, fluid athlete that works better on the edge using his speed than he would in the middle of the field on the college level. -- Scott Kennedy

Recruiting: Lists Florida and USC as his top two schools.
James Sample – Safety – Grant (CA) - 2011
Final Score: Grant 14, Bellevue 0

Scout's Take: Remember this name for next year's class, you may be hard pressed to find a more physical safety in 2011 from California. Sample loves to bring the wood and on a couple of occasions, his big hits made completed passes incomplete by jarring the ball loose from the receiver. He also had some times where he'd creep up to the line and play almost a rover spot, and use his speed and quickness to track down the ball carrier on the other side of the field. He's got great instincts and ball skills, just missing a couple of picks. Very similar to Sean Parker in his desire to drill someone. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Oregon, Cal and Washington are some of his top schools.
Mitch Saylor – Wide Receiver – Union (WA) - 2010
Final Score: Foothill 15, Union 9

Scout's Take: The last time we saw Saylor, he was the only saving grace for Union in their state championship game loss to Bellevue. This time, Union tried to mix the ball up a lot more and Saylor wasn't utilized nearly as much as he should have been, and it cost Union the game and their top ranking in the state. Saylor, on the passes thrown his way, showed why he's a big receiver and potential tight end in college, doing an outstanding job of using his body to get open, his hands to catch the ball, and his good speed to get up field. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: No offers but serious interest and letters from some Pac-10 schools.
Austin Seferian-Jenkins – Tight End – Gig Harbor (WA) - 2011
Final Score: Gig Harbor 31, Central Kitsap 10

Scout's Take: The top tight end prospect in the West for next year's class, Jenkins looks like a classic tight end. There are many people who believe that offensive tackle is where he'll play in college, but for this night anyway, he showed why he's an elite tight end, not just as a receiver (where he only had two catches, one for a touchdown), but also because of his blocking ability, and ability to get downfield quickly and block. Seferian-Jenkins also played defensive end and was a disruptive part of Gig Harbor's defense when he played. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Has 15 offers from all over the country, including Miami, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Florida, UCLA, Cal and Washington, but won't be deciding until his senior year.
Trey Smith – Linebacker – Oaks Christian (CA) - 2011
Final Score: Oaks Christian 28, Skyline 25

Scout's Take: With a couple more games like this, Smith might start making his father be known as Trey Smith's dad, not himself as Will Smith's son. With Skyline neutralizing Payton early in the game, that allowed Smith to become Montana's favorite target. Smith scored the first touchdown of the night for Oaks and had three receptions on the opening series. He's not that big, but he's quick and did a good job finding openings in the defense to get himself open. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Interest and letters from some Pac-10 schools.
Zac Stout – Linebacker – Oaks Christian (CA) - 2010
Final Score: Oaks Christian 28, Skyline 25

Scout's Take: Easily the defensive MVP for Oaks in this game, Stout was everywhere, breaking up passes in coverage, shutting down the running game for Skyline and laying out receivers coming across the middle. Stout was the most active player on the defensive side of the ball for Oaks, but also played the entire game on offense, as a guard. He made several big hits, including one in the red zone that snuffed out a potential scoring drive for Skyline. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Committed to BYU.
Christian Thomas – Tight End – Highland (CA) - 2010
Final Score: Chavez 19, Highland 14

Scout's Take: Scout's No. 7 tight end in the nation plays offense with a linebacker mentality. He attacks linebackers trying to jam him, and he rips through would be tacklers. Violent; that's the word I would use to describe him on passing plays whether it's running his route or once he has made his catch. Where he needs to improve is in his interior blocking. He sometimes settles for shielding a defender, rather than using his advantage in size and strength to drive his man. If he can channel the same aggression he uses as a receiver into being a blocker, he'll be the complete package at tight end. -- Scott Kennedy

Recruiting: Lists UCLA and USC as his top two schools.
Dillon Van Der Wal – Tight End – Oaks Christian (CA) - 2011
Final Score: Oaks Christian 28, Skyline 25

Scout's Take: Once Skyline figured out that Fua was going to be a big part of the passing game, and tried to stop him, that opened the door for Van Der Wal to get involved in the passing game. He's a legit 6-5, with very soft hands, and runs smoothly. He's got a frame that can support more weight, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see him as a defensive end at the next level. -- Brandon Huffman

Recruiting: Interest and letters from some Pac-10 schools.
Kasen Williams – Wide Receiver – Skyline (WA) - 2011
Final Score: Oaks Christian 28, Skyline 25

Scout's Take: I've said it before, and I'll say it here; I'll be surprised if Williams isn't the top receiver for the national class of 2011. He just does everything so well. His first big touch against Oaks Christian, he goes 86 yards (the last 20 post-fumble for a touchdown). The second touch? Another score. For such a big, physical presence (6-2, 197), he gets past defenders with ease and makes playing the position look so smooth and easy. He also plays safety and returns kicks, so that tells you something about how highly the Spartan coaches think of Williams.- Chris Fetters

Recruiting: With 15 official offers, he won't be deciding for at least another year.
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