Terrence Jones Cuts His List

Terrence Jones, the talented 6-7 forward from Portland (Ore.) Jefferson, who blew up nationally in July, has cut his list of schools down to seven and plans a fall decision...

With his in-home visits complete, Terrence Jones has opted to cut his list of schools.

Jones, a standout and former state champion at Portland (Ore.) Jefferson, informed Scout.com that his list now consists of Washington, Oregon, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Kansas, UCLA and Arizona.

"Basically my family and my coach, that has been real involved, have all participated in my in-home visits and we just narrowed it down together as a group," Jones said. "We really picked out the schools that were best for me."

Going forward, Jones, a 6-foot-7 versatile forward, is planning to take some visits. At this point none have been scheduled.

"I've been recommended dates by pretty much all of the schools in my top seven," Jones said.

"My mom wants me to take two unofficials and five officials, but that might change," he added. "She doesn't sound like she is too sure about that. It might get cut to four officials."

Thus far, Jones has only visited a pair of the schools on his list. Depending on how his visits shake out, he may not go to those schools again.

"I haven't seen any of the schools in my top seven, except Oregon and Arizona," he said. "It wouldn't be cutting them out of the list if I didn't visit those two. It would be me not going there just because I've already seen them."

Jones, who is ranked No. 20 overall by Scout.com, is planning a fall decision and going into his visits maintains that he doesn't have any favorites.

"It's pretty much open," Jones said. "I think it's going to pretty much go from this group to one."

I'll decide in the fall," he said. "I just want to have an easy senior year and not have any stress behind it and not have to worry about it."

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