Christian Breaks Down Recruitment

Four-star safety Cullen Christian recently named two official visits, but there is a lot more going on with the nation's No. 3 cornerback prospect than just that. He has set an announcement date and one team that was thought to be on the outside and looking in has gotten themselves back in the mix...

Pittsburgh (Pa.) Penn Hills four-star safety Cullen Christian recently announced that he was going to be taking official visits to UCLA and West Virginia. Christian now elaborates on those schools along with top choice Michigan and the hometown Pittsburgh Panthers who were thought to be on the outside looking in. Christian has also set an announcement date.

UCLA: "They show me a lot of attention and love. It feels like I am from there and live there they don't treat me any different. They are recruiting me the hardest along with Michigan. Coach Carnell Lake is playing a big role in my recruitment. He said I am very high on their board and he would like the chance to work with me and teach me. It is a big plus to work with him, because he has been there and he knows firsthand what it takes to play at that level. I'm not saying coaches who haven't played in the NFL don't know how to teach it, but he has been there and done it."

West Virginia: "I really like Coach (David) Lockwood. He seems like a very good cornerback coach. He is so detailed with everything and I think he could make me a better player. He is always making sure his players are working harder to get better. At West Virginia, the weight room and everything is so close it is all right there. You don't have to go far for everything that you need. It's only about an hour from home and I'm not worrying about the distance factor anymore when I look at a school."

Pittsburgh: "I always liked Pitt, but I was worried about being too close to home, but the more I have thought about it I wouldn't mind being close to my family. I have been watching them play a lot and I feel that I could play very early there. I want to play early. I don't want to be on a waiting list to get on the field. I have been talking to Coach (Greg) Gattuso a lot and I plan on going to a game there real soon. I'm not concerned about the distance, playing time is the biggest issue for me. I'd go to Hawaii if I had to if it meant I was going to play early. They have closed the gap recently and I'd say they are in my top three with Michigan and West Virginia. UCLA would be fourth. "

Michigan: "They have been consistent from day one. They have recruited me the hardest and they are still on top. Everything is coming together up there. They are winning and everything seems to be moving in the right direction. I think I could play early there as well. I plan on taking an unofficial visit up there again before I decide. They told me they would wait for me to make my choice."

That begs the question what if one or more of Christian's top choices would decide not to wait for him? "Michigan and Pittsburgh have told me they would wait until I am ready," Christian stated. "If the schools don't want to wait until I'm comfortable with my decision then I have other options. I need to make sure that I will make the right fit."

When can we finally expect that decision to come for the nation's No. 3 rated cornerback prospect? Cullen's father Carlson Christian had the answer for that.

"Buck will announce his choice on November 24," Carlson Christian said. "He will announce at the school or we may rent a place somewhere and do it there. He has worked very hard for all of this and we want it to be a special time for him. He deserves that, so we want it to be a big deal for him."

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