Slim Chance with Bradford

The wide receiver from Los Angeles Fremont, <b>Mark Bradford</b>, has two other schools that he'll more than likely choose from, but talks about UCLA's chances in possibly pulling out an upset...

Mark Bradford, 6-1, 185, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont, said that it's mainly between two schools for him, LSU and Stanford, and that UCLA "isn't out of it" but that he'd probably choose between those two clear leaders.


About his unofficial visit to UCLA, Bradford said, "It was cool. I enjoyed it. I looked at what they have to offer."


Did it change his opinion of UCLA and make it more of a possibility of Bradford going there? "Yeah, it did, a bit. It's so late in the process, though. I think I kind of have it down to those two other schools.  UCLA is not out of it yet, but they're behind. I just haven't heard that much from UCLA in the past, compared to the other schools recruiting me, so it would take a lot for them to make up all that ground."


Bradford said there are a few factors, though, that have kept the door slightly open for UCLA. "The fact that it's close to home is a little attraction. I have no problem with going away. But being close to home is a little bit of an advantage. Coach Dorrell is definitely a plus. Being a wide receiver coach and coming from one of my favorite NFL teams, the Broncos.  And coach Embree, I liked him at Colorado. I'm impressed with those coaches."


Bradford said a big factor in his decision will be whether he's accepted by Stanford academically. "I just faxed in my application today (Tuesday)," he said. "They've told me they think I'll be accepted. I have about a 3.5 or 3.6 GPA and scored a 1030 on the SAT. The Stanford coach will be visiting me on Saturday and they've said they'll tell me then whether I've been accepted."


An LSU coach will visit Bradford either today or Thursday. And UCLA's coach Embree will visit Bradford on Thursday. 


Bradford said he'll probably have a decision by the end of the weekend.

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