Chow, Carter, Moore on Stanford

Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow, middle linebacker Reggie Carter and safety Rahim Moore all talked after the game from Stanford Stadium...


Describe the hit...
 ‘'I didn't see anything. I couldn't even see the ball. I just saw red and was trying to hit it. I knew it was late in my mind. I kind of blacked out and said, ‘Wow.' From the jump, I couldn't really see anything. The sun was all in my eyes. I'm fine, though. I'm good.''

What did you feel right after the hit?
‘'I blacked out. I actually started laughing, I was, ‘OK, I'm good.' But they pulled me to the side, man, and were talking about X-rays and all this stuff. I said, ‘I'm fine, man.' I went back here and had an X-ray and everything was good. You know, I thought I was going to be able to play but they decided to sit me out. But I was mad about that, because I wanted to play. I know I'm a part of this team and I didn't want to go down like that. You live and learn from this, this is a wake-up call to let us know we have to get better and our vision is a little blurry today, but, hey, the good thing about it is we have another week to play. We've got to get ready for Oregon and big ups to Stanford, they came out and executed and they deserved it.''


Is there a little more to Toby Gerhart than just being a power back?

‘'Yeah, he's strong and he also has good vision and his feet are quick. He's not slow – he gets to where he needs to go and he gets there with strength and power.''

Did they just do a good job scheming you guys, or was it Gerhart?

‘'I think both. They schemed us and hit us with something new, and he runs with a purpose, has great vision and we were out of position, we weren't in our gaps and they hit us. I mean, he made the right cuts and the right reads and we were in the wrong spots, so it showed.''

Why was third down such an issue?
‘'I think when we got a third down we got a penalty and they stayed on the field. Any other time it was third and long I think we had them covered and the quarterback ran. We knew he ran. We were aware that if no one was open he was going to run, but I guess he found creases.''

You mentioned being in the wrong spots, what was behind that?

‘'Just, I mean, they hit us with a five-line surface and guys were kind of confused about what gap they were supposed to be in and where they were supposed to fit on those power plays and they hit us. We'll see tomorrow what the mistakes were and we'll get that corrected. You never like to lose but the good thing is we have another chance to play next week.''

Was this a case of them executing, or you guys not executing?

‘'I mean, both. They executed and we didn't. They got their jobs done and we didn't. Coach was saying they got to their technique faster than we did and they executed their jobs and we weren't executing, so we'll try to make some corrections so we can get back to being a solid defense.''
So, on their power, they blocked it differently?
‘'No, they just added an extra lineman. It was just tough with where guys were supposed to fit. They did a good job. They schemed it. They schemed it right. They had guys in the right position and we weren't in the right position. We'll check the film tomorrow and try to find ways to fix that in case we see it again. If not, it's always good to know where your weakness is and to get it adjusted.''

After K-State, making adjustments against their stuff, that must have been frustrating …

‘'Yeah it is because, you know, power, that's just regular downhill football. It's like, I mean, you know it's coming and you know your job, but when they add the extra guy it adds an extra crease so it's just hard to fit in there where you're supposed to be. It's rough. Hopefully we'll see it on film and be able to get it fixed.''


Why did it seem like the offense was so slow to get going?

‘'I don't know. I'm awfully disappointed. I thought we were ready to play … I don't know. We'll have to look at the tapes and see.''

How much did settling for the field goals hurt?

‘'It always hurts. We've come out in the first four drives, the first four games, and put points up on the first drive, but we're getting field goals and we need touchdowns.''

What did you think of Kevin Craft?

‘'I thought he did OK. I thought he missed a couple of reads. He handled it pretty good. I don't know if we turned the ball over or not, I don't know that, I'll have to look at the stats, but I thought he did OK.''

When you got the ball back with a little more than three minutes to play, was there a certain level of confidence?
‘'I thought so. I thought we felt good about what we were trying to get done. We missed a throw, and their answer was to get after us and we didn't hold up very good at the line of scrimmage, kind of forced us to throw the ball a lot quicker than we thought we needed to.''

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