Practice Report and Neuheisel

Quarterback Kevin Prince returns to practice almost without missing a beat, but he still has a hurdle to get over to play on Saturday, and Rick Neuheisel praised the team for their effort at the first practice coming off a loss...

Quarterback Kevin Prince, who missed the past two games with a fractured jaw, was in full pads and right back with the No. 1 offense on Tuesday. He took the majority of reps with the 1s, made some nice throws, led the unit to a field goal in two-minute (which hasn't always happened while he was out) and didn't appear to have missed much while he was down.
Coach Rick Neuheisel said afterward that he thought Prince was ready to play on Saturday at Oregon, though the redshirt freshman still must have another X-ray to make sure the fracture is healing properly. …
There were two injuries iin practice – offensive lineman Brandon Bennett went down with a sprained left knee and freshman Stan McKay with a sprained right knee. …
Cornerback Alterraun Verner and Tobi Umodu missed the workout with the flu. Neuheisel said both are expected back tomorrow …
Freshman Stan Hasisk got a few more reps with the No. 1 offense at guard. …
Safety Rahim Moore was in a red no-contact jersey, the result of a hard hit in the loss at Stanford. He took exception to the red. ‘'Don't call it a red jersey,'' he said, ‘'call it a Patriots' throwback jersey.''
Moore is expected to be back in the starting lineup against Oregon. …
Aaron Hester, coming back from a fractured leg, was in full pads, but limited to some light jogging around the edges of the practice field. …

Here is Neuheisel after practice …

Opening statement:

‘'I was pleased with the effort. You know, it's the first time we've come to practice after being unsuccessful and I just love the way we rallied and fought and scratched and I just think that now we need to polish. There's a lot of cleaning up to do to be a better football team on Saturday, but I liked the effort. Now it's up to the coaches to get a plan that we can execute and play our best football game, because it will be an exciting football game and one that will require our best effort.''

Your impressions of Kevin Prince today?

‘'You know, I thought he was pretty good. He still gets a little long in his stride and his accuracy diminishes a little bit. But I like Kevin. We'll wait and see what the X-rays say tomorrow, but I think he's ready to play.''

So it's down to just the X-rays?
Well, yeah, that, and I want to look at the tape. But I think he'll definitely be available to play.''

Is Richard Brehaut behind him now?
‘'Well, we want to keep getting Richard reps and so forth. But we'll keep looking. I don't want to be pinned down. We just emphasized those two guys today.''

Why was Alterraun Verner not here today?
"He's got a little flu. But he'll be back tomorrow. The fever has broken, so he'll be here tomorrow.''

Flu with a small ‘F?'
‘'Small ‘F,' yeah. …"

Is that something going around with the team?
‘'We've got two players, he and Tobi (Umodu). But they'll both be back tomorrow.''
How quickly does Kevin have to get that rhythm and camaraderie with the offense?
‘'I don't think it ever went away. Again, it's a different injury. It's not like he's been isolated and having to peddle on a bike or do arm rehab. He's been able to do … he stands there, runs around, he's been doing all of the signaling, he's been right with the guys. He just couldn't talk, which they thought was refreshing. But now he's back, he's had a full meal, went to Lawry's last night, and I guess all systems are go.''

Has he talked to you about his excitement to come back?
‘'Oh yeah, he's eager and very willing. We've just got to make sure as we watch the tape that we feel good about where we are and based on my first impression, it was good. We'll see how much polish we get tomorrow.''
Have you seen a drop-off since the last time he was out here before the injury?
‘'I couldn't say that I have. He threw a couple balls down the field that were a little off target, a little long, maybe over excited,  but hopefully he'll dial all that in and away we go.''

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